Top 6 Shows to Watch on Crave TV Internationally

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With a massive variety of TV shows available for you to stream to make your next weekend entertaining, we have shortlisted some of the best ones for you.

These shows are available on various entertainment platforms, which you can stream internationally. For example, these shows are available on Netflix, which you can watch from India, or have fun watching them on Crave TV in USA.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop down below and choose the best one for your mood!

1. The Big Bang Theory

With the classic plot of a group of friends living close to each other and spending all their time together, The Big Bang Theory explores their dynamics a bit deeper for you to relate to and understand.

With most of the people in the group being qualified individuals in the field of science (nerd alert!), the show contains some top-quality witty jokes and banters related to the area.

Like it or not, a show with old-school friends vibes, drama, and entertainment seldom has anything to do with science, let alone make it interesting for the viewers to learn something.

But that’s not the case with TBBT. Try it at least once and see what we are talking about here.

2. Yellowjackets

Ever wonder what life would be like in the modern world when you’d be entirely at the mercy of nature and your sheer luck? Yellowjackets are something similar to that.

When a group of insanely talented high-school girls soccer players crashes deep in the Ontario wilderness on a plane, things take an obviously drastic turn in their lives as they only begin to feel lucky to be alive.

Turns out, there is a price for everything, and the girls learn that the hard way. We wouldn’t dare to spoil this show for you, so make sure to catch it online yourself ASAP!

3. Love & Death

Love, betrayal, infidelity, and murder; this show has it all. When Candy decides to have an affair with her neighbour out of nowhere, things seem to spiral out of hand as she juggles her domestic life with her infidelity.

Her neighbour’s wife gets mysteriously murdered, and all fingers are pointed at her. Will she get a chance to prove her innocence, or will it expose her brutal side, which she hides so well in her sweet, domesticated personality? Go ahead now, and stream Love & Death on your screens!

4. The Flight Attendant

We all remember having a sudden encounter with a complete stranger who gives us all the sparks but becomes a distant memory. Unfortunately, things aren’t so magical for a certain flight attendant in this show, as she wakes up in a hotel room with no recollection of her whereabouts.

The plot twist? She’s not alone in the room. As a dead body waits to seal her fate at the hotel, she gathers herself to fight for her innocence as all accusing eyes land solely on her. If we were you, we wouldn’t delay watching this show if we could help it to find out what happened in the plot.

5. The Last of Us

When a fungal outbreak threatens to harm the universe, two survivors, Joel and Tess, are handed over a mission that could change the course of the universe. As Joel grieves the death of his daughter, Sarah, he stays in quarantine until he must leave for a mission.

With Tess as his responsibility, he protects her as they go on a mission that is filled with dangerous monsters and bloodthirsty killers all set to bring doom to the universe.

Watch this show to see some of the best performances of Bella Ramsay and Pedro Pascal after their stunning acting in Game of Thrones.

6. Friends

One of the most loved shows of the 90s, which is still relevant and watched in the current era. With Friends, you have everything in the plot; love, drama, emotion, comedy, and of course, friendship.

This is the best light-hearted show in our list of favourites, as it is surprisingly relatable in our daily lives. If you are open to it, we recommend all our readers try streaming it at least once.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, we have some of the best shows, which are both the latest and classics of all time. They are perfect for you to watch anytime and will pass the time effortlessly for you. With the mix of multiple genres, we present options to choose the best one you are in the mood for.

So, this weekend, have your friends crash at your house and binge-watch these shows! Let us know what you think, as we would love to get your feedback.