Jalal Partners with Aria Noir to Create an Eyewear Brand for Designers Made by Designers

Since time immemorial, fashion has been one of the ultimate platforms for self-expression. While some people use it to tell tales of survival and success in their own lives, others utilize it to empower others, sending powerful messages across the globe.

A lifelong creative and fashion lover, musician Jalal has collaborated with Aria Noir, a premium eyewear brand that acknowledges and embraces creativity in all forms has driven this powerhouse towards the pinnacles of greatness. As he continues to materialize his vision, the emerging entity hopes to serve as a launching pad for fashion professionals and enthusiasts across the globe.

From a young age, Jalal has seen the beauty in the things surrounding him. He believes that he should not limit his creative spirit in the world of music. Thus, this multifaceted go-getter delved deep into other pursuits, such as the fashion realm.

Aria Noir is an eyewear brand created by designers and made for designers. It patterns itself after perfection, aligning its enterprise along with the equilibrium of things both pretty and practical while emphasizing quality over quantity. With a focus on doing more with less, Aria Noir speaks volumes of the founder’s creative spirit, amplifying sacred geometry with every detail of the brand’s eyewear.

In an interview, Jalal revealed that the most significant part of working on Aria Noir was his creative process. As a matter of fact, the passion for the process drove the birth of the go-getter’s artistic endeavor. Likening his works to childbirth, he explained, “My favorite part of the creative process is the final product. It’s like giving birth to something that didn’t exist before, and now it does because of me—and it’s even better when someone else acknowledges its beauty.”

Over the years, Aria Noir has made waves across the industry, slowly establishing a small but serious and appreciative fan base. Unlike other eyewear and apparel brands that persevere to catch up with the trends, this emerging powerhouse aims to maintain its pace in this direction, amplifying its ethos of creating products that speak volumes of its founder’s eccentricities. In this way, Aria Noir veers away from the norm while producing eyewear that people adore to adorn.

“My goals are to keep getting better at what I do and to keep diversifying so that I don’t have just one type of audience,” said Jalal. “I like to have fun and explore new things in life, and this goes for music as well. My style has changed a lot since I first started and will keep changing, updating, and improving.”

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Aria Noir continues to take significant strides toward the forefront of the industry. In the coming years, the brand aims to take over the eyewear industry and become a designer household name. As Jalal continues to move forward with his dreams, he reminds aspirants to embrace their creative spirit despite the odds stacked against them.

Ali Choudhri on Navigating the Waters of the Real Estate Scene and Spearheading the Rise of Jetall Companies

A complex sector, the real estate industry continues to pose challenges to those who wish to dominate it. Although it’s relatively easy to access, surviving and thriving amid the odds and competition are achievements that not every entrant can bag under their belt—a harsh reality that Ali Choudhri, the mind at the helm of family-owned powerhouse Jetall Companies, is intimately privy to. Today, having navigated the waters of the real estate scene successfully, he serves as the CEO of a widely accomplished company, setting an example for other go-getters to follow. 

Established in 1961, Jetall Companies is a real estate investment and management venture based initially in London. However, after it made several acquisitions in the United States during the RTC and S&L era in the early 1990s, the industry giant moved its headquarters to Texas. Currently, it owns over two million square feet of commercial real estate and holdings primarily focused in Austin and Houston. More impressively, the experienced operator and vertically integrated company has managed to develop over thirty commercial retail centers and build over 250 high-end homes. 

At the core of Jetall Companies is the overarching mission to enable economic growth and employment through real estate development and value creation. It also operates under the goal of providing solutions that support the changing needs of businesses in its communities. In line with these driving forces, it has gone all-out in creating additional value from buying or building assets and invested in real estate opportunities where it has differentiated insights and relationships. 

Over time, Jetall Companies has reached great heights, cementing its standing in a sector known for its saturated and competitive nature. Although its rise through the ranks can be credited to its initial founders, its status as an industry leader can be credited to the strategic vision and leadership of Ali Choudhri and the expertise of his team of over 40 employees and subcontractors. 

With two decades of experience, Ali Choudhri bears an extensive knowledge of the field and its nitty-gritty, from acquisitions, dispositions, and joint ventures to financing, development, and lending. Throughout his career, he has designed, built, and developed multiple residential communities in Houston, including the tallest single-family home in Texas. Moreover, the respected personality has acquired, developed, and managed over $1.2 billion of real estate assets across the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Dubai. 

Given his credentials and track record, it’s no surprise why Ali Choudhri has succeeded in keeping Jetall Companies at the top. Under his guidance, the highly trusted venture has brought considerable value to the table, becoming the go-to choice of those who are looking for fully modernized properties with state-of-the-art features like fitness centers, destination dispatch elevators, and class A offices. Armed with big plans for the upcoming years, he is expected to remain at the forefront of the real estate scene, driving the growth of Jetall Companies and propelling it even higher.

Founder of Mupo Entertainment, Michele Mupo, Prepares to Elevate Artists through MUPO Digital TV

Michele Mupo, also known as Fuchsia, is a visionary entertainer building a legacy and carving a name for herself in the music and entertainment industry. A singer-songwriter, actress, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Mupo Entertainment, the talent agency helping artists elevate their careers and build success, Michele has worked her way up from playing and working with rock bands for most of her career to becoming an industry leader guiding others. 

After a short stint as a dancer on Club MTV, Michele Mupo pursued a career as a songwriter and became a professional ghostwriter for several recording artists who gained national recognition with her songs, as many of her songs topped charts in the top ten ranks.  While it was a thrill to watch her songs top the charts, the writer knew she wanted to be more than the brains behind songs; she wanted to become the face of the song. She worked tirelessly towards actualizing her goals and eventually got signed by Cool Music Inc., where she was endorsed by cool guitar pictures and a production deal. She then signed a ten-year contract with music legend Rodney Jerkins Sr. before moving on to the next chapter of her career. 

 In addition to being a talented singer-songwriter, Michele Mupo is a woman of many abilities. She owned MuTan Entertainment in partnership with former WWE Diva Dawn Marie, recording artist and the most recorded drummer Bernard Purdie, and Carlene Tanner. As a talent manager, she handled several rappers and artists, including Mumm Ra, Big City, Session, and Tony Hustle, all of whom still have rewarding music careers. After a while, she sold the company and established MUDA Multimedia Entertainment with her previous partners, former WWE / ECW Diva Dawn Marie and World’s Most Recorded Drummer Bernard Perdie. 

The go-getter wrote a sitcom and brought in Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie on an adult-oriented sitcom through her new venture. Dawn Marie introduced her to former WWE Diva Mickie James, who was then added as a writer on the sitcom.  The sitcom project was the first of many projects that would later evolve into a magazine, photography studio, and celebrity talent management firm. She worked with many WWE, TNA, television, and movie stars, booking them for appearances and projects in one one-stop-shop package. 

 Michele felt at the top of her game at that time in her life, but life threw her a curveball. On January 18, 2021, she was assaulted on a train coming home from NYC. The experience left her traumatized, and she was diagnosed as being permanently disabled, which led to her dissolving MUDA Multimedia Entertainment.

However, despite the traumatizing experience, the go-getter was not one to wallow in self-pity. She came out of hiatus and re-entered the entertainment industry when COVID spiked. With encouragement from a few of her friends, she started a new company, replicating the last company but making it ten times better and adding digital TV. Her determination and resilience paid off, leading to the establishment of MUPO Entertainment in June 2020. 

As a talent management company, MUPO Entertainment offers a full-service, strategic, collaborative, and team-based representation of artist clients and personalities in the music and entertainment industries. With its team of professionals, the talent agency has what it takes to help an artist gain a successful career. “We have assembled an experienced team of industry leaders who understand the entertainment industry and marketplace and have what it takes to operate and manage a successful career,” says Michele. 

As part of its strategic plan to elevate artists’ careers, the company would also create the MUPO Entertainment App. This new TV streaming platform will feature original content created by up-and-coming artists. Mupo TV is available for download via Apple App Store and Google Play. Alongside this new app, Michele and her team are also working on publishing an entertainment magazine quarterly to reach more upcoming artists and elevate the entertainment experience.

Nikita Hendricks of Nikita’s Juice and Her Unquenchable Passion to Succeed

Food is the ultimate social agent. There is no better catalyst for building and strengthening communities than food—and Nikita Hendricks of Nikita’s Juice is very well aware of this. Born and raised in Guyana, Nikita had to flee the nest in the hopes of a better life in the United States. After residing in Connecticut with her grandmother to attend Gateway Community College in New Haven, Connecticut, she found her way to Texas by getting a scholarship in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship from Baylor University. 

For Nikita, this is an accomplishment she’s most proud of. “Apart from the scholarship and financial aid I received at Baylor, I single-handedly paid my way through college,” she said. “Sometimes, I look back and ponder on how I did it, but I know that it was God who made it possible for me.” 

The then-aspiring entrepreneur had always dreamt of starting her own business prior to attending college and even when she started working full-time in the corporate world. Driven by her love for cooking, Nikita would always find herself brainstorming healthy and nutritious homemade meals, an allegory to the life she left.

“I remember, growing up, making my dad’s favorite ‘swank,’” she recalled. Nikita was referring to a Guyanese staple drink made of lime and ice. Now, in her free time, she creates the best fresh, tasty non-GMO juices in town. 

The most important ingredient to Nikita’s journey is her passion. Like any budding business owner, Nikita wasn’t immune to cold feet. To promote her juices, Nikita makes door-to-door sales around Killeen, Texas, where she currently resides.

“Before selling my juices, I was so nervous to approach people to tell them about my brand! Over time, I developed confidence. Even at the grocery store, car wash or whenever she’s  running errands, I make sure that people know about Nikita’s Juice,” she admitted. 

The bold and creative juice mogul also has her networking skills to thank for helping her form amazing connections with like-minded individuals. Although Nikita loves to hear her customers rave and appreciate her products, she reveals that some days aren’t as great as most. What gets her out of rough patches and pushes her forward is this foolproof mantra: she will knock on doors until all her juices are sold!

“Every no that I receive brings me closer to a yes so I keep pushing” Nikita said.

Through Nikita’s positivity, grit, and determination, the journey has been incredibly rewarding. For the humble business owner, seeing Nikita’s Juice put a smile on her customers’ faces brings her the utmost satisfaction.

“Nikita’s Juice is built on community, and we value what our customers think,” Nikita shared. “We use their input to perfect our craft in order to continue making them happy!”

Through the challenges she faced, Nikita feels as if she’s grown tremendously as a person. However, the passionate juice innovator confesses that the learning process will never stop, despite its continuous growth and success, and that she’s taking every day, step by step, with an open mind and heart. 

“I would like for Nikita’s Juice to be a household name. I want people to remember us for our brand integrity and for staying true to providing fresh, quality juices. I would like to be known for going above and beyond for our customers,” she said.

With her positive mindset, passion for her craft, and thirst for knowledge, Nikita’s journey to success is bound to be fruitful.