April 25, 2024
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Western Community College − Prospering Education Through Exclusive Educational Programs

Western Community College − Prospering Education Through Exclusive Educational Programs
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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela – South African Activist and Politician

According to the Higher Education Research Institute report, in 1967, over 87% of students aimed to develop a meaningful philosophy through their higher education. Then in 2003, the statistic drooped to 40% and the students wanted to get financial stability through their higher studies. Fast forward to 2020, now a huge chunk of students only wants to pursue higher degrees for career success, financial gain, and success requirements. The essence of education is lost, and the cause for higher studies gets materialistic, which is a hopeless and miserable situation.

What is the prime reason for education? Job, success, or something more profound than social stature and value? Education is as essential as food, water, and basic life necessities. Education sets the foundation of human development; it teaches empathy and compassion and enables people to address social issues and implement sustainable solutions more effectively. 

Without any second thought, education is the oxygen to society. But as the Higher Education Research Institute depicts, unfortunately, the basis for acquiring education has changed now. This situation put the educational pedagogies on a toll to offer high-quality education with personal development. Western Community College (WCC) is a British Columbia-based post-secondary institution that offers intensive and thorough courses and programs to fulfill the current needs of students and weaponize them with prolific skills and self-emancipation.

 Founded in 2012, WCC has the most extensive and elaborated programs and courses. The college offers more than 56 programs in over 15 courses. The college provides many diploma and certificate programs in various professional fields such as Health Care, Business, Accounting, Pharmacy, and IT. Graduates can also benefit from career-based programs offered by the college. The college is an approved Amazon Career Choice provider and a CompTIA Authorized Academy Partner. 

But what makes WCC different from the rest of the educational institutes? Most institutes majorly focus on courses related to science and technology but are reluctant to incorporate educational courses and programs. Recently WCC initiated a course on Early Childhood Education as the latest edition of its childcare programs. 

Over the past decade, WCC has maintained an impressive 97% graduate employment rate. The Health Care Assistant program remains the most popular due to the increasing care needs of the aging population in the Lower Mainland. Besides Health Care Assistant program, students enrolled in the 40-week Dental Assistant program at the South Surrey campus receive hands-on training to prepare for the National Dental Assistant Examining Board. For those interested in pursuing a career as a paralegal or legal administrative assistant, the 74-week Diploma in Paralegal Studies is a great option. The newest addition to WCC’s Bachelor programs is a degree in Hospitality Management, which has received program approval for Post Graduate Work Permit.

More than a college, WWC is a team constantly trying to prosper high-esteem citizens to society, and that can be vouched from the testimonials of its students. 

“Western Community College helped me to progress in my life. This college changed my life. During our course, I learned many skills. I enjoyed it a lot and made many new friends. I want to thank our loving instructor, Jagroop Bajwa. I also want to thank Vandana ma’am who encouraged me all through this course. I am thankful to all of you guys and want to say you are all doing a good job.” – Karamjeet Uppal.

“My experience at Western Community College has given me the opportunity to further pursue my dreams. Both the instructors as well as the non-teaching staff all co-operative worker together to help me achieve my academic goals.” – Balpreet.

WCC is an internationally renowned and acclaimed institute and a recipient of numerous accolades, including the prestigious title of Excellence in Education Services by The Times of Canada. Moreover, it acquired the Teacher of the Year Award from Surrey Now-Leader. It is also the first Private college in 18 Years to get approval for a Bachelor’s degree, and opening a tech and trades campus in collaboration with the Surrey Board of Trade are some notable achievements of WCC. 

Conclusively, the world requires competent and profound educational institutes that provide degrees and enable their students to navigate in a highly competitive society. Students at Western Community College have achieved great success and fulfillment in pursuing careers in various programs. WCC distinguishes itself by providing personalized attention to every student, maintaining an optimal instructor-to-student ratio, and assisting each student in creating a career plan that aligns with their professional goals.

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