April 25, 2024
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Advanced Programming Systems Introduces a Revolutionary Fitness Coaching Approach That Will Change Lives for the Better

If there is one pressing reality that the pandemic highlighted across America, it is the need to take care of one’s health. It is a known fact that many all over the country have been struggling with their health, from the need to lose weight to eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Those who want to take control of their health almost always end up with two options: see a doctor and medicate or find a personal trainer and get to work. But Advanced Programming Systems founders Dr. Peyton Vickers and Dr. Kelsy DeMelo have identified a flaw in the education of health coaches and personal fitness trainers that they are now trying to correct.

“America is sicker than ever before, and the average education of a personal trainer or health coach is not enough to get the average American ‘healthy.’ Most of the tactics used by personal trainers and health coaches are doing more harm than good and contributing to the health issues we see in our population,” Dr. Vickers and Dr. DeMelo explained. “APS aims to educate and inform coaches to elevate the industry as a whole, and truly change the health of our nation.”

The establishment of Advanced Programming Systems was inspired by the obvious and alarming decline in the health of many Americans over the past few years. It is also evident that a lot of health coaches and personal trainers are struggling with the health issues of many of their clients. Advanced Programming Systems offers educational systems and services that will empower coaches and trainers to understand human physiology and help their clients in effectively achieving their health’s full potential. The company aims to simplify complex solutions so that coaches and trainers can offer pragmatic and applicable programs. 

Dr. Vickers and Dr. DeMelo want to train coaches and trainers to embrace new programming that will see relevant improvements among their clients, client management, and how to best retain them long-term. The company is committed to consistently updating its educational courses, community boards, and support systems. 

“This company is for you. Our goal is to build the largest, most experienced library of courses created by experts in their respective fields. You’re not going to learn from someone who is decent at everything and an expert at nothing. You’ll learn biomechanics and programming from doctors who have taken hundreds to thousands of hours of biomechanics, anatomy, biology, and cellular physiology. They’re so good at programming they’re going to teach you how to program as little as one time for the rest of your life! No more program updates every two weeks for your clients. You’ll learn sales from one of the top salesmen in that nation that specializes in teaching coaches his methods,” the founders stated.

Ultimately, Advanced Programming Systems will allow its clients to save time, gain expert knowledge, community support, and grow their businesses strategically. Clients can choose from three different packages that would suit their needs best: The Social King, The Newbie, and The Educator. Together, passionate coaches and trainers can add value to the lives of their clients and help them live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. 

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