April 25, 2024
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Artportunity Knocks: Empowering Youth through the Arts and Education

Artportunity Knocks
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Artportunity Knocks is not your typical nonprofit organization. Founded in a small two-bedroom apartment in 2007, this organization started with two students who had an interest in keeping the arts positive. They hosted bible studies and then music and art sessions, using their own resources, time, money, food, and energy.

Fast forward to today, Artportunity Knocks is now one of the leading organizations in the state of Georgia, serving thousands of students every year, and giving access to education to underprivileged students. The program helps stimulate academic achievement and is led by Ty Woods from 0 to million dollar figure. The organization has now impacted over 206,000 students.

Artportunity Knocks

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Artportunity Knocks is built on four pillars that govern their mission: Positive Arts, Education, Community Service, and Bridging Cultures through the Vehicle of the Arts. These pillars keep the organization focused on meeting its core values, serving a segment of the community that may or may not be considered underprivileged but is definitely underserved.

Through the Positive Arts pillar, Artportunity Knocks believes that music and arts should be kept “clean” and positive by omitting lyrics that use profane words, violence, drug/sex promotion, and degradation to any minority or majority group. The arts should be inspiring, uplifting, and used to provoke positive behaviors.

The Education pillar advocates that educators should include the arts in their Core Subjects through a model called Arts Integration. The organization believes that creative and innovative learning is the key to unlocking the minds of students with learning challenges and can be the key to graduating high school on time. This teaching and learning method ensures that students with varying learning styles will have the opportunity to experience the motto of “Learning is Fun!”

Community Service is the third pillar, and Artportunity Knocks believes that positive arts should be used in the community to spark hope and positive change. The organization provides its students with essential needs such as nutritious meals during programming, school supplies, and parent engagement nights. A holistic approach to youth development is crucial to their mission.

The fourth and final pillar is Bridging Cultures through the Vehicle of the Arts. Artportunity Knocks strongly believes that unity between cultures can be bridged through the vehicles of Music and the Arts. Therefore, Artportunity Knocks classes, programs, and events are designed to include diverse genres, cultural arts, education, and awareness of the varying cultures represented in the community they serve.

What sets Artportunity Knocks apart from other organizations is its impact on the community. The program has served and sent more than 2,000 students to colleges. Former students are now teachers, and the organization has purchased rental properties. These achievements are the result of the organization’s commitment to empowering youth to make positive and smart choices while increasing opportunities in the Arts, Education, Community Service, and Bridging Cultures.

In conclusion, Artportunity Knocks is an organization that has made a significant impact on its community. Its mission to empower youth through the arts is a model for other organizations. The four pillars that govern their mission: Positive Arts, Education, Community Service, and Bridging Cultures through the Vehicle of the Arts, keep the organization focused on meeting its core values. With over 206,000 students impacted, Artportunity Knocks is a thought-leader in the nonprofit industry, and a beacon of hope for the youth they serve.

Artportunity Knocks

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To learn more about the organization’s latest events and programs, be sure to follow Artportunity Knocks on Instagram at @artportunityknocks. You can also visit their website to learn more about their mission, impact, and how you can get involved.

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