April 25, 2024
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Bee Happy, Bee Kind, Bee Well with Bee Well CBD, an affordable, CBD-inspired, female-owned business

Bee Well
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Cannabidiol, sometimes known as CBD, is the main cannabinoid present in hemp plants. Cannabinoids are chemical substances that develop spontaneously in people and interact with cannabinoid receptors all over the body. The physiological reactions that are sparked when CBD binds to these receptors include those that may assist in controlling your appetite, pain threshold, mood, and memory. By nourishing your cannabinoid system, you may experience an increase in these favorable triggers and achieve balance.

In 2018, Patricia Chastain, the brand’s founder, created Bee Well CBD, a woman-owned, CBD-inspired company in Kennesaw, Georgia. The company firmly believes in CBD as a gift from nature. The brand’s goal is to dispel the stigma associated with cannabis while providing hope and healing through high-quality goods, transparency, and accessibility. A close working relationship at every stage of production guarantees customized formulations that are consistent and fit your needs.

Patricia, the company’s creator, explains, “I wanted to create a company that provides a secure and comfortable location to educate people about CBD, assist them to find relief through the use of these products, and to de-stigmatize hemp and cannabis.” As time goes on, CBD has helped many people find relief and we have only begun to explore what cannabinoids may do for the body as a whole.

Rebecca Vega helped build the Bee Well CBD storefront and started working on its own line of CBD goods, which exceeded the company’s expectations and catered to its consumers’ demands more effectively than other businesses. It was a significant new venture for Bee Well CBD to work with their manufacturer to offer CBD products of superior quality at lower pricing after months of vetting and research. The items the brand now provides were developed and grown over the course of more than a year, during which time Bee Well CBD conducted intensive testing & studies of customer feedback, as well as a ton of research to determine how affordable they could make their product without cutting down on the quality.

Patricia narrates, “We debuted our current range of gummies to the public in May 2019 and received a great reaction. At that time, the Bee Well CBD storefront became our brand. Many of our clients have been coming to buy our gummies on a regular basis for almost 4 years! Bee Well CBD introduced Bee Well Tinctures in June 2021. They are intended to be precisely blended with botanicals that could offer more holistic and apparent relief for our most prevalent illnesses. This was a major game-changer because it allows us to provide more concentrated tinctures at even lower costs- thereby stretching every dollar further for consumers. By remaining vigilant, paying attention to what our customers desire, and adjusting to new information, possibilities, and difficulties, we overcame a pandemic and numerous growing pains. Since the past few years have undoubtedly had an impact on many people’s sleep, anxiety, and pain, we are especially happy with how accessible and helpful our employees have been, as well as how well the products have been received and enjoyed in the market.”

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