April 25, 2024
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Bibby, the Creative Mind Behind Powered Up Production, on Freezing Moments Through Photography

Photography has been celebrated over the years as a powerful medium to tell a story. It captures crucial, fleeting moments into one frame and provides future generations glimpses of what came before them. This is precisely why 23-year-old photographer and entrepreneur Bibby fell in love with photography. After spending years behind the lens, she has built her own connection with photography, and she has made it her mission to impact others by letting them see the world through her eyes.

Bibby has always been one to chase the impossible and defy odds. As a child, she engaged in multiple activities and sports, getting her hands on as many ventures as possible. Growing up, she played basketball, baseball, and even engaged in boxing for a significant amount of time. Despite her plethora of interests, Bibby felt that she had not yet found passion in many of her interests until she found her way to photography.

“We often want to revisit a moment and can not because the world moves so quickly. Photographers capture that moment in time and create that moment for our clients to relive. We play a huge role in different fields because we create the image for certain brands, whether it’s music or something else. We’re the missing piece to a lot of things,” shared Bibby after being asked how she found passion and purpose in photography.

Today, Bibby is the proud founder and CEO of Powered Up Production, a photography company dedicated to providing its clients with nothing but the best images. The company aims to capture moments and translate them into photographs that would stand the test of time. Powered Up Production is recognized for putting the needs of their clients first before anything else. Bibby and her team share the same passion for caring for people and for the art of photography itself. 

“I am a perfectionist when it comes to what I want to do,” said Bibby. “ I’ll spend hours and sometimes days to perfect my work to get the best possible outcome. Things that others are satisfied with, such as an ‘okay’ photo or video doesn’t do it for me. I’m my hardest critic, and ‘okay’ is just not enough for me,” she added further. Bibby’s willingness to put in the extra hours just to ensure that her clients are satisfied indeed sets her apart from other professional photographers. Talent mixed with determination and hunger for success are the qualities that make Bibby one of the strongest players in her industry. 

Furthermore, Powered Up Production reflects Bibby’s unparalleled work ethic. Unlike many people who fail to overcome adversities, Bibby thrives amid problems. She sees challenges as opportunities to grow, expand her wings, and create versatility for her craft. She always looks forward to going out of her comfort zone and testing her limits when facing different situations. 

“What I’m doing now is only the beginning. I have the understanding that what I do is very complex and extends into a bunch of different avenues within the field of work. I intend to have my hands into everything possible within five years,” explained Bibby. “Keep your eyes open; try not to blink because that just might be when you miss a piece of history being made. I will make history,” she added. 

Connect with Bibby and learn more about Powered Up Productions on Instagram.

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