April 21, 2024
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Chad Ehlers Reaching Out and Helping the Downtrodden Fight their Battles

While dancing is purely a source of entertainment, it is also a means of alternative exercise and health-promoting physical activity that many people incorporate into their lifestyles. Dancing as a physical exercise appeals to many, especially those who are not typically active or constantly letting out steam. Dancing is simply a process of having fun and exercising at the same time and for people like Chad Ehlers who have made dancing more rewarding, not just for the dancers but for the audience as well. Chad Ehlers also known as Da_Chad is a social media influencer, TikTok influencer, and the Founder and Leader of the Chad Change Movement. He is also a dancer and uses the power of dance and music to inspire others to be better and to promote positivity. 

The Chad Change Movement is considered a safe space for people who are hurting and in need of inspiration, and on the Movement’s platform, he hosts free online dance zooms where he invites everyone to come and dance, casually laughing and smiling and getting away from the stress of everyday life. Chad describes the movement as a movement of positivity and is open to everyone of all races and gender who is looking to change their lives. According to him, “We take no view except one view that we are all human beings. We aim to inspire, empower to change lives with the power of positivity through music and dance.” 

Chad started dancing on TikTok and even as a new social media user, he soon realized that there was a lot of hate going around and a lot of cyberbullying, and for this reason, he invited a small group of five influencers to show support to one another. The result of this move was an exponential increase in their confidence and from their testimonies, their lives changed. Chad Change uses its influence to go live on the first of every month and raise donations to support different charities or families chosen. It is 100% given to the charity we earn no money doing this. We also come together online through Zoom hosted by “da_chad” to teach a dance together just to have fun, laugh, and smile. 

As the movement continues to grow daily, Chad hopes to continue to reach other positive influencers globally, as well as people who intend to use their influence to do something good for all of humanity. 

Chad Change is the first and only online movement of this kind and size. According to Chad, it is the only brand that gives out without expecting anything in return. The brand is the real definition of selflessness and putting people first. Chad is committed to bringing smiles to the faces of everyone and helping people deal with their dark times and depression. 

Chad sees himself and the team at Chad Change becoming a strong foundation in the entertainment industry. Positively influencing the world with their smile and dancing. “I would want them to see there are people out there doing good and hopefully want to join,” he concludes.

To learn more about Chad and his movement, visit his website.

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