May 21, 2024
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Coaching by Example: Coach KB Hunt on Transforming Mindset to Transform Your Life


It is largely unprecedented to achieve success without its fair share of struggles. And when life hits you with hurdle after hurdle, it is almost inevitable to find yourself at the proverbial dead end. For Ceal Hoskie Hunt, there was a time in her life when she had reached that very point; With no money in her pocket, left to fend for herself and her children, surrendering to fate seemed like the obvious option. But with the tenacity that turns coals into diamonds, Hunt unlocked the power that she never knew she had inside her, and transformed her life. Coach KB Hunt was the product of that transformation, proof positive of how the circumstances you are given don’t necessarily have to be the ones you keep. As one of those rare individuals who wear their humble beginnings as their badges of honor, Hunt is the perfect example of someone who was able to rise through the ranks, standing as an inspiration to those who strive to succeed when the odds are stacked against them.

Ceal Hoskie Hunt, also known as Coach KB,  is an emerging power player in various industries. She is a leading force in paving the way for hopefuls from all walks of life, carving success-enabling paths for those who need help reaching impressive heights. As this multifaceted go-getter continues to take the reins of her groundbreaking initiatives, Hunt aims to become an instrument of transformation, most especially for women from all walks of life.

Before Hunt managed to secure a coveted position at the summits of her chosen industry, she was once a woman with a heartbreaking story. She fled from a broken marriage that left her to pieces, prompting her to move back to Atlanta to start over. However, when Hunt thought she was on her way to turning her life around by working three jobs, she continuously struggled, leading her to speak negatively about her life. She recalled having contemplated why people had it better. “I didn’t understand why everyone was happy and living an outstanding life,” she said. On top of that, she suffered from a stroke and had the house she was renting foreclosed. Those days were indeed not easy for her.

Pounding the pavement to turn her life around, Hunt began to ask herself how she could remove her life from her current situation. She started reading books like The Instant Millionaire and The Secret. From then on, Hunt  realized the importance of one’s mindset, which led her to change her outlook on life. For this reason, she started to visualize a life worth living for herself and her children. 

Since then, Hunt has been dedicating her life to others by working on several initiatives that not only encourage her to do better but also empower others to strive and never give up. She started a business called Mommy’s Chance, where she helped pregnant teens and young moms rise amid adversities. Currently, she is also running a business named Ready to Live Coaching, where she serves as a launching pad for those who continue to struggle in their lives.

“I want women to remove fear, step out of their comfort zones, and create a millionaire mindset. It has not been easy for women, which is why I aim to make it less difficult through my businesses,” shared Hunt.

As someone intimately privy to life’s harsh realities, she seeks to become people’s beacon of hope. Through her two business initiatives, Coach KB is on her way to becoming a catalyzing force in the years to come.

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