July 20, 2024
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FeVaOG: From Obscurity to New Jersey’s Leading Music Brand

Music is food to the soul, and there are different reasons why music artists are passionate about making music. It is an avenue to showcase their talents and also an opportunity to make money and create timely music that listeners can relate to. One music artist who has decided to tell his story through his music is rapper FeVaOG, who has distinguished himself in his lyricism, delivery, and style. 

FeVaOG is a singer, rapper, songwriter, performer, and music producer from East Orange, New Jersey, and is currently considered as the next big thing out of New Jersey following the release of his latest singles. FeVaOG came up with the name “FeVa” (Fever) is because when he started rapping young, at the age of 13, he would rap to his friends, and they would say that his lyrics were hot as if he had a fever and the “O.G.,” in his name stands for “Observe Greatness.”

Music for FeVaOG music comes from a place relatable to people facing life challenges daily. According to him, his music is his style and is a combination of his stories. It is different from any artificial sound that’s popular nowadays. “I’m original, and I don’t sound like anyone else out there. I engineer my sounds and co-produce beats. Also, you can’t just dress someone up as a rapper and have them deliver the way I do,” he explained. 

On what motivates him, he said, “What motivates me is knowing my potential as a leader and making the necessary changes to move forward no matter the circumstances. Using every day to work on my craft and build with my fans and acquiring specialized knowledge in the field of music because rapping is just one piece of it, it’s a lot of elements in the music business.”

Although music is universal and is not restricted to one particular demographic, FeVaOG, on his music journey, hopes to reach listening on a global scale while targeting music listeners and anyone in the music industry. FeVaOG is not in the business of competing with anybody. However, he understands that a bit of competition doesn’t hurt anybody, and therefore, in his words, “what makes me different from everybody else making music is my originality on every record, my style and great taste of production, my lyrics, and how I can dip and dap in any flow of my selection on a record, how I engineer and make executive decisions sonically when putting out my records.”

In five years, FeVaOG sees himself owning and investing in his company and radio station. “Right now, I’m in a partnership with an independent record label called So Fresh Records, and these are brothers of mine who share the same vision, and we plan to work diligently to achieve this vision of being successful in music.”

FeVaOG is committed to creating a unique image for himself, not just as a musician but as an influencer who wants his fans and listeners alike to understand that music is more profound than he is. As a man who has a family that depends on him, there is a reason behind everything he does.

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