July 24, 2024
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Hairstylist Brandon “Uno” Williams Uses His Perfect Platinum Pixie Technique to Help Other Stylists

Missouri native Brandon “Uno” Williams has proven to be a successful hairstylist and entrepreneur after more than 20 productive years in the hairstyling business. As the owner of the Atlanta-based Hair By Uno Studio Salon, he has made a respectable name for himself. Most notably,  he created the patent-pending Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, a bone-straight platinum pixie style for women of color with textured hair. Widely known for this groundbreaking technique, Brandon is taking his phenomenal success further by teaching other hairstylists how to do it. 

Since 2020, Uno has been teaching classes to a wide range of hairstylists and empowering them to pursue greater opportunities in their careers as Perfect Platinum Pixie Specialists. So far, he has certified more than 250 motivated stylists who are now creating their own paths in the industry by making clients women look stunning with their pixie look. Before he started teaching classes for the Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, Brandon had been balancing his time between running his business and educating a community of fellow stylists on emerging techniques involving coloring, precision cutting, styling, and business growth.

“Many people come to the salon and want the same thing that everyone else has, the same style that they’ve had for years, or maybe even a new look,” Uno revealed. “I am providing a new option for those stylists. Additionally, I want stylists to see that they too can increase their revenue by trying new things. This is a high-value service and can help them expand their client base as well as their prestige,” he added. 

Uno is confident about the distinction that the Perfect Platinum Pixie technique has achieved in the industry. Moreover, he believes that he has no competition in this area, being the creator and innovator behind this unique method. Despite his impressive success, Uno remains humble enough to reveal that what he did is no business secret among seasoned entrepreneurs in the business industry. He simply saw a problem and strived to provide a solution. 

His journey as a hairstylist was not always a walk in the park. As talented as he was, he still experienced times of self-doubt. Even with the creation of the Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, he had a bit of hesitation. But he later realized that taking a leap of faith and learning how to break the rules would open doors for him that no one could shut. Trusting that God would see him through, Uno took the jump that forever changed his life and professional career. 

At the rate that he is going today, Uno is confident that there is still room to achieve more in his life and business. As an entrepreneur, he sees himself expanding his business further and pushing it to generate millions in profit each year. He hopes to achieve several other things in his lifetime, including having children of his own. 

By sharing his inspiring story, Uno hopes that people will also find their place in the world, and when they do, become the best in whatever field they choose. Just as he has worked selflessly and diligently over the years, he believes others also have the opportunity to be great so long as they are willing to do the work needed to succeed. 

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