June 14, 2024
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Highlights From the NEW YOU Beauty B.A.R. Awards 2024

Highlights From the NEW YOU Beauty B.A.R. Awards 2024
Photo Courtesy: New You Beauty Awards 2024

By: Maria Williams

In April, in Miami Beach, FL, the beauty and wellness industries glittered with more than just the sun’s golden rays. Thanks to the NEW YOU Beauty B.A.R. live event. The event not only served as a platform to recognize groundbreaking achievements in the beauty industry but also marked the company’s first-ever combination of Brand University, Awards Ceremony, and a star-studded VIP Reception. With a blend of celebrity performances, red-carpet glamor, and the latest in cosmetic innovation, this year’s event lived up to its promise of celebrating the best in beauty. 

The NEW YOU Beauty Awards, now in their ninth year, have become a beacon for bilingual entrepreneurial achievers and innovative creators. These awards commend those who have redefined their personal and professional lives to establish a ‘NEW YOU.’ Over 600 entries were meticulously reviewed by NEW YOU staffers and skincare experts, complemented by feedback through online consumer voting, culminating in the presentation of 26 awards across 19 categories. From skincare to makeup, fragrance to haircare, and more, each category highlighted products that are not only luxurious and effective but also champion clean beauty and cruelty-free standards. 

A focal point of the awards was the emphasis on diversity and inclusion, with the event featuring multicultural creators and female entrepreneurs. For instance, makeup artist Victoria Duke and influencer Alexa Collins were recognized, each embodying NEW YOU’s mission to empower women from all walks of life. Collins inspired attendees by sharing, “Everybody has flaws, but feel beautiful in your own skin. Just own yourself because I think what’s really coming out now is that people are realizing that nobody’s perfect. Everybody has imperfections.” 

The event kicked off with a VIP Reception at the W Hotel South Beach, sponsored by notable brands such as Grande Cosmetics, Elysian Parfum, Beyond Slim®, Seis Cosmetics, Ghanya Cosmetics, Charette Cosmetics, House of Eleven, Holistic Zodiac Beauty, Casa Azul, Victoria Duke Beauty, Blithe, and Makeup Revolution. This glamorous gathering was not just about celebration but also about connecting. It was an invaluable networking platform for brands, entrepreneurs, and influencers. The reception even sparkled with a performance by multi-platinum musical artist Flo Rida, adding a dynamic flavor to the evening. 

The awards ceremony itself was a display of star-studded elegance, with celebrities like Ashley Benson and Jamie Chung gracing the red carpet. Benson, who took home the Best Fragrance Innovation award for her fragrance ASH by Ashley Benson, shared sage advice: “Just be true to who you are and do whatever makes you feel confident.” 

Furthermore, the NEW YOU Beauty B.A.R. provided an immersive experience for sponsors and attendees alike. Brands like Charette Cosmetics and House of Eleven offered guests a firsthand look at their latest offerings in a custom experiential space. The event also seamlessly integrated sustainability, showcasing products that boasted organic and natural ingredients, proving that luxury and affordability can coexist in the beauty industry. 

The NEW YOU Beauty B.A.R. Event not only highlighted the innovative and glamorous facets of the beauty world but also fostered an environment of self-care and wellness. It celebrated the cosmetic industry’s ability to evolve and adapt, offering groundbreaking products catering to a diverse consumer base seeking everything from vegan options to the latest beauty trends. 

More than just an awards ceremony, The NEW YOU Beauty B.A.R. Live Event was a landmark event that set new standards in beauty and wellness, proving once again why it remains a pivotal fixture in the beauty industry calendar.


Published by: Khy Talara

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