April 21, 2024
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Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

Cosmetics have been in use for thousands of years. Enhancers in beauty has served as a powerful tool that allows women to become more confident in themselves.  While wearing beauty enhancing products, women tend to feel good, empowered, and enabled to face life’s most insurmountable obstacles and rise above them.

Unfortunately, not all confidence-boosting products stand as an incredible source of motivation for everyone. Some have found it difficult to wear most beauty enhancing products, such as lashes, because of a wide variety of factors, and one of them is being sensitive to a significant number of chemical ingredients. In recognition of this gap in the cosmetic industry, LaFarra & Company is here to help.

LaFarra & Company is a cosmetic company that is primarily established to transcend limitations, break barriers, and defy odds for women with sensitive skin worldwide. It is created by an emerging powerhouse, Dr. LaFarra, who has had her fair share of struggles of having sensitive skin in the past, fueling the urge to create a life-changing enterprise. On a mission to drive change, spark action, and impact lives, this passion-driven physician pulls out all the stops to deliver results and establishes the first minority- and physician-owned brand across the realms of cosmetics and skincare.

Pushing the boundaries of the beauty industry, LaFarra & Company stands at the forefront, making waves across the trade for its unique and all-out approach to addressing issues on skin sensitivity. Its line of luxury magnetic lashes with a makeup removal system that has no harsh chemicals has caught the attention of many individuals around the world, cementing a reputable stance across the industry. Combining chic products with safe ingredients, LaFarra & Company makes it easier for women from all walks of life to enjoy makeup without having to suffer from it.

On top of its windproof and waterproof magnetic lashes and makeup remover balm, LaFarra & Company takes pride in its magnetic liner, which is formulated to serve those who want theatrical eyes without the drama of allergy and irritation. “Our magnetic liner is not thin, unlike many of our competitors,” shared Dr. LaFarra. “It does not require multiple applications throughout the day to lessen the possibility of irritation.” 

Although LaFarra & Company has reached impressive heights thanks to its promising products, it would not have achieved milestones had it not been for its founder, Dr. LaFarra. Having had multiple terrible experiences with commercial beauty products, to the point of losing her natural lashes, she knew she had to do something. “I do not want women to compromise the safety, convenience, and quality just to feel good about themselves,” Dr. LaFarra shared. With her brilliant mind, passion-driven heart, and persevering spirit, she breathed life into LaFarra & Company.

“My company will help transform the beauty industry with safe, chic products that are built for busy and confident women who have had troubles with makeup and skin sensitivity,” she said. “Through my company, they will know that they have a choice when it comes to taking care of themselves,” she added.

The creation and launch of LaFarra & Company is a massive step towards a future where women can feel good about themselves without sacrificing safety, convenience, and quality. As it continues to gain a foothold in the coming years, LaFarra will not slow down in fueling change across the beauty space.

To know more about LaFarra & Company, you may visit its website.

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