May 18, 2024
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Marquita Moore’s Journey Towards Spiritual Fulfillment

Marquita Moore's Journey Towards Spiritual Fulfillment
Photo Courtesy: How I Grew Today

By: Michael L. Miller

In the sanctuary of a quaint Alabama church, amidst the impassioned testimonies of the faithful, a young Marquita Moore found solace and inspiration. Raised amidst her family’s cherished traditions, Marquita’s formative years planted the seeds of a spiritual journey that would provide hope and empowerment for many.

From modest origins, Moore’s path traveled through the corridors of entertainment, leading her to the bustling studios of BET and Oxygen networks as a host and moderator and to the esteemed halls of Shawn Carter Enterprises and Roc Nation as an executive shaping global hip-hop trends. At the height of her career, she stood as a model of perseverance and accomplishment—yet, beneath the veneer of success, an inner void persisted.

“I harbored a persistent sense of incompleteness,” Moore confides. “Despite the accolades and triumphs, I felt adrift, disconnected from my true self.”

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Photo Courtesy: How I Grew Today

Moore found herself in the senseless pursuit of perfection, a pursuit that left her emotionally drained and spiritually exhausted. During this tumultuous period, she discerned the faint whispers of an inner voice urging her to forge a new path. “I sensed the need to delve into the core of my being, to rekindle the connection with the Spirit that had guided me since my earliest days,” Moore reflects.

“I was uncertain of the repercussions of walking away, yet I was resolute in my conviction that I could no longer continue as before,” Moore reminisces. “Initiating that first step appeared daunting, but once I committed, it heralded me into a profound transformation.”

With steadfast determination, she commenced the process of shedding the layers of pretense and expectation, unveiling the suppressed beauty within. It was a journey fraught with uncertainty yet fueled by an unwavering faith in the effectiveness of change and self-discovery. Moore says, “Eventually, I reached a space in my life where I could boldly embrace everything about me; I was free to be me.”

Central to Moore’s journey was her role as a newly divorced mother. Even amidst the turbulence, she discovered solace in the boundless love of her son, River, which provided profound introspection and evolution.

In 2011, How I Grew Today emerged—a digital platform birthed from Moore’s dedication to truth and healing. From emotional reflections to practical counsel, How I Grew Today harnesses Moore’s insights to provide individuals seeking solace and direction. Moore invites individuals to reclaim their voices through her platform, one heartfelt revelation at a time.

Moore explains. “It’s really a place where I can check in daily and stop all the distractions happening in my life. It’s a place where individuals can come together to share their experiences, support one another and celebrate the beauty of self-discovery.”

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Photo Courtesy: How I Grew Today

In addition to Moore’s platform, journaling serves as a therapeutic exercise for her healing and reflections. Moore articulates, ‘Sharing my writing is how I serve others and fulfill my purpose to spread God’s light, the goodness of humanity, and love in the way I was meant to.’

In her latest book, Feeling God: Search + Connect + Be, Moore chronicles her experiences and offers the audience a poignant exploration of the human spirit and its quest for meaning and fulfillment. “Through the book, I encourage people to ask themselves the tough questions,” Moore shares. “Who are you? What do you want out of life? How are you showing up in the world?”

Feeling God serves as both a roadmap and a companion for those navigating their own path – it’s part workbook and part inspirational guide. 

Marquita Moore illuminates a path to wholeness with elegance, wisdom, and resolute determination in a world yearning for authenticity and connection.

Moore resides in the New York City area with her son, River. 

Feeling God: Search + Connect + Be is available at major retailers, including Amazon, Audible, Google Books, Barnes and Noble and Target. Connect with Marquita Moore on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok (@howigrewtoday) for daily inspiration and insights.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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