July 20, 2024
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Martin Thibeault Is Proof The Network Marketing Industry Changes Lives

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Sourced Photo

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Commonly referred to as multi-level marketing (MLM), the network marketing industry is a business model built on the principles of direct selling, reliant on a network of customers or distributors. The network marketing structure is designed to build a hierarchy where not only those at the top succeed, but so do all those recruited into the network, whether they are customers only or customers and distributors. The network marketing industry has been steadily gaining more and more attention, surpassing the annual revenue of the movie, gaming, and NFL industries combined. As an entrepreneur, leader, and professional network marketer, Martin Thibeault knows anyone with the determination to triumph can find untold success in this space. However, aspiring network marketers must first know their reason, purpose and why they are doing this business in order to achieve time and financial freedom.

Coming from Dolbeau, Canada, Thibeault worked most of his life as a carpenter until he grew tired of the profession in 2010. His story proves that the network marketing industry can possibly change lives, as his journey serves as a testament to devoting oneself to making that change. After leaving carpentry behind, Thibeault started two conventional brick-and-mortar businesses only to see them fail within two years. Trapped with a feeling of losing everything by 2012, he finally discovered network marketing one year later, and today, he is a seven-figure dollar yearly earner, a part of the 1 %ers in the network marketing profession. It should be noted that Thibeault has spent the better part of the last decade building his career path, so no one should expect overnight success. Nevertheless, financial freedom through network marketing is possible for anyone willing to make it happen.

In 2013, after finding network marketing, Thibeault immediately became a student of the industry. As an admittedly massive introvert, he struggled with a serious fear of public speaking, but like any other challenge, he chose to face it head-on, and it has paid off. Approximately five years later, Thibeault also fell in love with blockchain technology, finding himself heavily drawn to this arena. He currently works with blockchain and network marketing, and this primarily aims to show that being true to yourself and your passions is vital for success. Aspiring network marketers must live, breathe, and love the art of the sale. Combine your passion with proper guidance, and you have the cornerstones for success. Having discovered this truth, Thibeault looks to connect with more people with a shared interest in either network marketing or blockchain, or both, and help in any way he can, including as a mentor.

Finding yourself drawn to these industries means becoming a student of the industry first, and Thibeault’s astonishing achievements make him the mentor that every student needs. For reference, after entering the industry as a student in 2013, Thibeault was able to fire his boss and begin working at his own pace within only four years. In 2018, he was effectively debt and stress-free, and one year later, he was invited to join the advisory board of his first network marketing company. He became one of the co-founders of a massive global conglomerate’s marketing arm blockchain platform, a company that just recently became a billion-dollar annual business in 2023. Today, he is living his best life with his wife. They are CEOs of their own life, living life on their own terms and traveling the world. Thibeault is the embodiment of the network marketing industry’s capacity to change lives, so long as you are willing to take the plunge.

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