June 14, 2024
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Marvin Suttles: The Visionary Behind SUTTLESHOTS Visual Productions

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Sourced Photo

By: Lennard James

In the heart of Memphis, a city pulsating with musical heritage and artistic innovation, stands a visionary who has redefined the landscape of visual storytelling – Marvin Suttles, the owner and operator of SUTTLESHOTS Visual Production LLC. SUTTLESHOTS, a Memphis-based company, has carved a niche in serving the needs of music artists, actors, and small businesses, but its story is much more than a typical business narrative. It’s a tale of passion, vision, and relentless drive.  

From MTV to Memphis’ Streets Marvin’s journey began in the colorful era of the 80s’ MTV movement. This era, known for revolutionizing the music and visual acts scene, unknowingly sowed the seeds of Marvin’s future. “I would always walk around with a camcorder of some sort, “Marvin recalls, reflecting on his early fascination with capturing moments that “deserved a second look.” 

Ironically, Marvin’s first love, music, led him away from the camera for a while. He joined the street team at one of Memphis’ largest radio stations, Hot 107.1. Here, he gained insights into the promotion side of the entertainment industry, realizing the power of visibility in the success of any product or service.  

As technology evolved, making industry-quality equipment more accessible, Marvin recognized his true calling – film making. Ten years and countless projects later, including short films, music videos, and commercials, SUTTLESHOTS is on the brink of transforming from a locally based operation to a global force.  

In today’s era of fleeting viral videos, SUTTLESHOTS is taking a stand with a traditional approach to videography and multimedia. Marvin believes in the power of strong storylines and meticulous diligence – a trait cleverly reflected in his company’s name. SUTTLESHOTS prioritizes collaboration with clients, infusing their vision with the company’s expertise. 

With Memphis’ hip-hop scene garnering national attention, SUTTLESHOTS is set to diversify the narrative, shining light on other genres like rock and roll and rhythm and blues. Marvin’s goal is to highlight the full spectrum of Memphis’ talent, expanding the company’s reach to more established artists and businesses.  

Marvin’s philosophy is to turn “a flat screen into a 3-dimensional work of art.” He brings a fresh perspective to visual storytelling, combining traditional formats with innovative ideas. His approach is not just about creating content; it’s about crafting compelling stories that resonate across generations. 

Marvin’s journey with SUTTLESHOTS is a testament to determination and ingenuity. Starting as a young artist with limited resources, he transformed his limitations into opportunities, shifting the narrative from “low budget” to high creativity. 

Looking ahead, Marvin envisions SUTTLESHOTS becoming one of Memphis’ premier production houses. Expanding beyond Memphis to Atlanta, Georgia, and diving into feature film production are among his ambitious goals for the next five years. He aims to rekindle the love for cinema while playing a pivotal role in Memphis’ social, art, and government scenes. 

Marvin A. Suttles is not just a local hip-hop music producer; he is a lover of all things visual. From small local business advertisements to potentially commanding the spotlight with Super Bowl commercials. SUTTLESHOTS is committed to delivering top-notch professionalism and quality.  

AS SUTTLESHOTS continues to grow, as Marvin seeks to use his talents to plan storytelling rooted in Memphis but destined for a global stage. SUTTLESHOTS stand at the forefront of a visual revolution, embodying the spirit of innovation and the enduring power of a well-told story. For more information about SUTTLESHOTS visit :


Published By: Aize Perez

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