April 25, 2024
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Memphis Comedian Oscar P Brings Laughter and Good Times

“Laughter is the best medicine,” the well-known phrase goes. No one has capitalized on this like Oscar P, one of the top comedians in Memphis. Despite the changing times and the current state of the world, Oscar P remains one of the few comics who keep thriving and pushing the envelope. 

Oscar P has had a long career in comedy. He began his comedy journey in November 2012 by performing in open-mic gigs at a small bar and grill called Loose Goose. He kept working and honing his craft until he eventually rose to the ranks. He went on to do open mics at Funny Bone, where he met actor and comedian Lester Bibbs. Oscar P’s career kept moving forward, and he became a host at the club until Chuckle Comedy House opened.

Whenever Oscar P talks about his journey with his comedy career, he recalls taking the opportunities that presented themselves. He said, “Whenever a lane opened up, I always pursued it. I seize the opportunity, and I never look back.”

Oscar P has been opening for great comedians for years. This comedian credits his success to his work ethic. “From a young age, I was taught that I needed to work hard and be disciplined if I wanted to get results,” he shared, “This habit became ingrained into my personality, and it has become one of my character traits as an adult.”

While audiences may have different tastes and various senses of humor, Oscar P has a rare gift for bringing laughter wherever he goes. He believes that this is partly due to how relatable his material is. Often inspired by conversations with his friends and family, the comedian also draws from his life situations as a family man and business owner to create material for his shows. He said, “Fresh material is everywhere. You just have to know where to look.”

Every comedian creates a unique style and persona, and Oscar P is no different. He has been dubbed the polite jerk, as his style calls for a little spice of rudeness. However, he finds humor in almost everything, and his incredible comedic skills always transform them into pieces that give audiences the time of their lives. 

Aside from performing on stages and comedy clubs, Oscar P also takes private bookings. He has served up his own brand of humor in many private events, and his audience always appreciates his work. This comedian can liven up any event and have guests tear up in laughter.

Oscar P also has the honor of hosting the longest-running comedy show in Memphis at the Slice of Soul Pizza Lounge. He is focused on making it to bigger stages and events and reaching a wider audience. One day, he hopes to create content for television and work on various shows.

While comedy seems to have taken a hit, Oscar P continues to thrive. “Laughter is healing. It lifts people up, and they can forget their problems for a little while,” Oscar P shared, “Comedy is my passion, and I am glad that it gives a smile on people’s faces whenever they come to my shows.”

Oscar P is a comedian based in Memphis, Tennessee. For updates on his upcoming shows and events, you can find him on Facebook.

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