April 25, 2024
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Miami Vibes, Atlanta Roots: Charette’s Regional Beauty Inspirations

Miami Vibes, Atlanta Roots: Charette's Regional Beauty Inspirations
Photo Courtesy: Cameron Perry / Paul Charette

By: Amanda Reseburg

The celebrity beauty vibe has expanded beyond Hollywood and New York into metropolitan areas like Atlanta and Miami, and no skincare company exemplifies this shift more than Charette Cosmetics. The Atlanta-bred company, founded by Paul Charette, infuses its offerings with Miami-beach vibes and a dash of Southern hospitality and Hollywood aesthetics.

From humble entrepreneurial roots, Charette has built his company into the go-to medspa for celebrities such as the HipHop duo City Girls, actress Meagan Good, and even the Real Housewives. He has a focused niche on innovative anti-aging techniques, revolutionary products, and a specialization on the unique needs of ethnic skin.

Atlanta roots

The Atlanta beauty vibe is about effortless glamour, a natural radiance, and celebrating beauty in all forms. This dynamic aesthetic has been naturally woven into Charette’s approach from the beginning.

The road to establishing Charette Cosmetics was not always easy for Paul Charette. He has built an extensive education in aesthetics and is a master medical aesthetician. However, when it came to striking out on his own, he started from the bottom, with big dreams but little capital. “When I initially started, I lacked the necessary resources and funding to realize my business goals,” Charette explains, “I have a penchant for thoroughness; either I commit fully or not at all. While many in the healthcare sector concentrate on fundamental treatments, my resolve was to deliver cutting-edge combination therapies and introduce the latest methodologies and protocols.”

Charette was determined to use his connection to his home base, plus what he knew about the beauty vibes in other major metropolitan areas, to offer something no one else could: a skincare company that tackled some of the toughest skin concerns and offered state-of-the-art aesthetic services.

Charette took a day-by-day, customer-by-customer approach to building his business. Leading with a trademark Southern friendliness, Charette eventually built up the funds he needed to offer his clients the latest in skincare technology.

Skincare like no one else 

Today, Charette has locations in Atlanta and Dallas and will open a new spot in Miami. Every location allows the local beauty ambiance to inform its offerings, from injectables to treatments for hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Charette sets out to help his clients identify and solve their unique beauty concerns, no matter where they live or their personal style. “I believe everyone should be able to benefit from the self-confidence that comes from having great skin,” he says.

Charette and his team take a personalized approach to skincare, analyzing skin tone, individual issues, and skin type to create customized solutions for their clients. “Every client’s skin care needs are different,” Charette explains, “Tailoring treatments to a person’s precise skin needs allows us to get the best results possible.”

Charette Cosmetics specializes in the skin needs of those with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. These particular needs may include hyperpigmentation in spots, a greater need for sun protection to avoid damage, unique moisture balance needs, oil control, solutions for keloids, exfoliation, and other customized solutions. Charette realizes that ethnic skin is not a monolith and strives to provide a wide range of treatments to cater to the broadest population.

Options galore

What truly sets Charette apart from the competition is the company’s many options. From Botox to dermal fillers, Brazilian Butt Lifts, tattoo removal, and even penis enlargement, Charette Cosmetics’ offerings run the gamut, depending on what area of your body you would like to improve.

“Science advances rapidly. We can do things today that weren’t possible even a few years ago. It’s about getting the best results every time, which is why we always offer state-of-the-art care. And while I can’t talk about them now, more new treatments are currently in the pipeline,” Charette told The Hype Magazine

Because Charette offers such a personalized approach to service, people can bring their concerns to the team at any of their locations and be met with a number of possible solutions. “Never assume that just anyone can help you with your issues,” Charette says. 

Other services offered by Charette Cosmetics that have proven popular with customers, famous or not, include facials and chemical peels, dermaplaning, hair transplants, laser facials, microneedling, and even a “peach peel” — which addresses skin issues in more intimate areas — and could be considered a tongue-in-cheek nod to Charette’s Georgia roots. 

Charette Cosmetics is focused on growth and continuing to offer the best in innovative aesthetic solutions to their stylish clientele, no matter where they hail from. Paul Charette hopes his creation can stand as a testament to the benefits of personalized, inclusive skin care. Through his commitment to understanding each client’s unique needs, Charette and his teams in Atlanta, Dallas, and now Miami are dedicated to staying at the forefront of aesthetic medical advancements. As aesthetic wellness continues to evolve, Charette has an eye on the future of beauty and the continued growth of their beauty empire.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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