May 21, 2024
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Nicola Smith Jackson Opens A Virtual Wealth Boutique to Help Women Entrepreneurs Become Financially Literate

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

Establishing a brand or company is no easy feat and often leads to failure before hitting their stride, and nobody knows this better than Nicola Smith Jackson. Nicola is a serial entrepreneur for nearly three decades,  author, certified life coach and licensed wealth consultant. She is also the founder and CEO of the Pink Millionaire Club and Success Strategic Partners LLC.  Having set up successful brands, she has used her expertise and experiences with business and finance to help other female entrepreneurs flourish while minimizing overwhelm and without forgoing time with their family.

Nicola is a  passionate mentor who helps women and minorities become financially literate so they can manage and grow the money they make. There’s no secret that entrepreneurship can be tough especially to those who are strapped for working capital,  lack marketing skills and are simply not prepared for a tough economy. This has made it difficult to save for retirement or grow their money in the market place like aren’t profitable and are running businesses or investments that can seed money to flourish passively

As a child of immigrant parents from Jamaica and Panama, Nicola’s family instilled a strong belief in having a good education growing up. Whereas others would rebel, Nicola took their teachings to heart, excelling in school with the hopes of becoming an attorney. Although she was able to reach college, Nicola found that it was the path for her. Choosing to drop out, Nicola pursued a career as an overworked hairstylist.

Despite her decision, Nicola was able to gain almost three decades of experience in the business and financial industries, leading to the birth of her two companies. During that time, she has worked alongside and led over 450,000 sales representatives throughout the globe, making an impact in 30 countries. 

The Pink Millionaire Club is a platform that welcomes women worldwide to discuss topics like how to grow their mindset and money devoid of diffidence to create a more significant impact. The Club is a close-knit community that inspires and uplifts women to pursue their goals, helping each individual learn from one another and find the path to wealth. The platform is driven by Nicola’s mission to ensure that individuals position themselves in the market by making smarter money moves.

Success Strategic Partners is a global consulting agency that Nicola developed to empower and motivate clients by providing them with honest, relevant, and innovative information, resources, and strategies. The agency also provides clients with lessons on financial literacy, decreasing the risk factor and increasing the results. Additionally, Success Strategic Partner helps clients identify opportunities through critical relationships in specific markets, communicating on behalf of the clients.

Nicola Smith Jackson’s experience empowers individuals with time-tested principles and financial intelligence, helping them become more profitable in their business and turn active income into passive income. Although both companies have different approaches, they both share the mission of providing women with the necessary tools to get autonomy in life without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Nicola impacts people by transforming them into confident and competent women with money who worry and work less by giving them more time to nurture themselves and their loved ones. 

“I make the complex ideas simple and connect the financial dots between the have and have nots,” Nicola explained. “I combine time-tested principles with strategies that are working now to get results faster, simpler, and easier.”

Learn more about Nicola Smith Jackson by visiting her official website. You can also reach out to her through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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