April 21, 2024
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Robert J. Smith: A Forbes Business Council Member Making Waves in the Business World

Robert J. Smith: A Forbes Business Council Member Making Waves in the Business World
Photo Courtesy: Adam Ayash

By Della Street

Robert J. Smith, MBA, Ph.D., is a highly accomplished individual who has made a significant impact in the business world. As a member of the Forbes Business Council and part of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network, Smith’s expertise and dedication have earned him recognition and invitations to join prestigious organizations such as the Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Business Journals Leadership Trust.

The Business Journals Leadership Trust is a renowned platform that connects business decision-makers across 46 cities and regions in the United States, with a rapidly expanding presence. With a total business audience exceeding 10 million people, the Business Journals provide comprehensive coverage of business news from local, regional, and national perspectives, making them the go-to source for industry insights.

As a division of American City Business Journals, the Business Journals are at the forefront of delivering exclusive, in-depth coverage of various business communities. Their commitment to top-quality journalism, unparalleled service for advertisers and readers, and active involvement in the business community has garnered them the loyalty of 4 million readers each week.

Dr. Smith’s contributions to the business world cannot be overlooked. As the founder of Smith Profits and Smith Comics, as well as the Robert J. Smith Productions Companies, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and creative prowess. Smith Profits is a thriving business venture that has generated substantial success, while Smith Comics has captivated audiences with its unique storytelling and captivating artwork.

Dr. Smith’s expertise and influence extend beyond his business ventures. He is a highly sought-after thought leader, with his articles published on Forbes. A recognized expert, his insights and advice provide invaluable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals alike. Smith’s desire to reach a wider audience has led him to partner with the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Orlando Business Journal, and other publications under the Business Journals umbrella. This collaboration allows him to connect with local business leaders and share his expertise on a national scale.

When asked about his partnership with the Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Orlando Business Journal, Robert J. Smith expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “The Leadership Trust is an important asset to Atlanta businesses, the ability to leverage the local and nationwide reach of the Atlanta Business Chronicle is unparalleled.” It is clear that Dr. Smith values the opportunity to share his knowledge and experiences with a broader audience, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of businesses across the country.

Aside from his written contributions, Robert J. Smith is an active presence on various social media platforms and websites. His official website,, provides a hub for individuals to learn more about his work and connect with him directly. Smith Profits,, showcases his successful business venture, while highlights his contributions to the entertainment industry. Additionally, Smith’s expertise can be found in his Forbes Expert Articles, accessible through

For those interested in connecting with Robert J. Smith professionally, his LinkedIn profile ( provides a platform for networking and exploring potential collaborations. Furthermore, his IMDb page ( showcases his involvement in the film and television industry, while his YouTube channel ( features captivating content from his production company. Lastly, for real-time updates and industry insights, follow Robert J. Smith on Twitter at

Robert J. Smith’s accomplishments as a Forbes Business Council Member and his involvement with the Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Business Journals Leadership Trust are a testament to his expertise and dedication. His contributions to the business world, combined with his creative ventures, have established him as a prominent figure in various industries. With his passion for sharing knowledge and connecting with fellow business leaders, Robert J. Smith continues to make a lasting impact on the business community and beyond.


Published By: Aize Perez

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