July 21, 2024
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Robert J. Smith, MBA, Ph.D. Joins Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust

Robert J. Smith, MBA, Ph.D. Joins Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust
Photo Courtesy: Robert J. Smith

By: Britt Reid

Robert J. Smith, an esteemed member of the Forbes Business Council and part of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network, has recently been invited to join the Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Business Journals Leadership Trust. This prestigious invitation is a testament to Smith’s expertise and influence in the business world. The Business Journals Leadership Trust is a rapidly expanding network that spans across 46 cities and regions in the United States.

Smith, the founder of Smith Profits and Smith Comics, as well as Robert J. Smith Productions Companies, has made a significant impact with his entrepreneurial ventures. His contributions to the business community have been recognized by various renowned platforms, and his inclusion in the Business Journals Leadership Trust further solidifies his position as a thought leader.

The Business Journals, a division of American City Business Journals, holds a prominent position as the premier media platform for companies targeting business decision-makers. With a reach of over 10 million people through their 44 websites, 64 publications, and more than 700 annual industry-leading events, they provide comprehensive coverage of business news on a local, regional, and national scale. No other business media organization in the country can match their extensive coverage.

American City Business Journals, the parent company of the Business Journals, has established itself as a trusted source of in-depth coverage for the business communities across the nation. Their metropolitan business newspapers reach an impressive 4 million readers each week. The loyalty of these readers reflects American City’s commitment to top-quality journalism, exceptional service for advertisers and readers, and active involvement in the business community.

Expressing his excitement about joining the Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust and the Orlando Business Journal, Smith stated, “I’m happy to reach more Americans and local business leaders through the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Orlando Business Journal, and the nationwide reach of American City Business Journals.” With his impressive credentials, including an MBA, Ph.D., and a membership in prestigious business networks, Smith is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and guidance to fellow business leaders.

Robert J. Smith’s achievements extend beyond his entrepreneurial ventures. He is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of skills and talents. As an accomplished actor, he has made appearances in various films and television shows, adding to his dynamic profile. Smith’s expertise and experience make him a sought-after speaker and consultant, enabling him to make a meaningful impact on businesses and individuals alike.

To stay connected with his audience and share his knowledge, Smith actively maintains a strong online presence. Interested individuals can visit his website,, to explore more about his work and achievements. Additionally, Smith’s companies, Smith Profits ( and Robert J. Smith Productions (, showcase the diverse range of projects he is involved in.

Furthermore, individuals looking to benefit from Smith’s expertise can access his Forbes expert articles at His LinkedIn profile ( provides a platform to connect with him professionally, while his IMDb page ( highlights his acting career. Smith’s YouTube channel ( offers a glimpse into his creative endeavors.

Robert J. Smith’s inclusion in the Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust and the Business Journals Leadership Trust is a testament to his exceptional achievements and influence in the business world. As a member of esteemed business networks and with a diverse range of talents, Smith continues to make a significant impact on the entrepreneurial landscape. His inclusion in these reputable platforms further solidifies his position as a respected thought leader and advisor in the business community.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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