July 20, 2024
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Strategy Hackers Helping Startups and Enterprise Brands Take Pole Positions in the Global Marketplace

Scalability is a major challenge many businesses face, and Troy Sandidge, also known as the Strategy Hacker™, has come to the rescue through his business development and empowerment company, Strategy Hackers. The company helps businesses at different levels, from startups to SMBs and Forbes 500 brands, scale effectively by helping them save money, time, and resources while also protecting them from marketing tactics that do not work. Strategy Hackers is a result-driven firm that walks companies by the hand through complex business processes using well-thought-out plans and On-Demand Strategy Solutions packaged as SaaS (Strategy as a Service) offerings.

The founder, Troy Sandidge, has spent more than a decade empowering emerging Startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 to level up in the global marketplace. His experience as the vice-president of a multi-million dollar creative agency that has generated more than $100 million for clients worldwide gives Strategy Hackers all the leverage it needs to help business owners achieve their business goals. Strategy Hackers aims to achieve the 5 S Pillars with its strategies which are simple, scalable, sustainable, systematic, and successful. The company’s services span nine major areas: business, marketing, growth, social media, branding, community, diversity, mindset, and innovation.

Strategy Hackers as a company has benefitted from Troy’s reputation in the business world. He’s the executive producer and host of the iDigress Podcast, a renowned keynote speaker who serves as a Fractional CMO for various brands and startups. He made the “Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leaders for MADcon USA 2021” list and in the “Los Angeles Wire 30 Under 30.” His book “Strategize Up” is currently in the works and will be released soon. With his expertise, Strategy Hackers aims to revolutionize how businesses and brands approach strategy with its a la carte strategy sessions and services.

Strategy Hackers is committed to helping companies grow into 7-figure income-generating companies. As a Black-owned company, Strategy Hackers embody cultural diversity and flexibility.  It is all about creating growth, sustainability, awareness, profitability, community, success, and happiness. “Describing Strategy Hackers’ business motives, Troy said, “Imagine building a business and applying strategies that do not work for many years. Of course, you may get it right eventually, but Strategy Hackers helps you get it right off the bat.”

Coming from a minority group as a black business owner, Troy Sandidge was motivated to establish Strategy Hackers because he was tired of seeing people ascribe cheapness to Black businesses.” I know many black businesses are TIRED of being made to feel guilty for demonstrating their value and pricing accordingly. I have faced numerous adversities and battles perpetuated from unconscious bias, prejudice, and racial tension. Despite that, I rose to the occasion to help make millions for various companies in corporate America, agencies, and as a consultant. I want to change all of that, and we will,” he said.

In five years, Strategy Hackers is expected to be at the top of the business strategy game while enjoying enough success to give back to society by helping organizations that may not be able to afford the company’s premium services. Troy hopes to empower at least 1,000 black businesses over the next five years and show business owners globally the importance of Strategy in business.

Learn more about Strategy Hackers on the company’s official website or follow on Twitter.

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