May 18, 2024
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Boost Your Productivity With Sarad Dungel’s Personal Development and Habit-Building App, Stretch Yo

Stretch Yo- Sarad Dungel Personal Habit-Building App
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The pervasiveness of social media and how deeply it permeates our everyday lives brings a handful of problems that have been linked to the decline in people’s productivity and focus. With a vast expanse of knowledge within the palm of your hands, all day, every day, you’re bound to be more easily distracted and sidetracked from doing the more important things in life – whether that involves work-related objectives or tasks concerning self-care. Because of this, Sarad Dhungel has crafted a solution that meets the challenges that come with these technological advancements, head-to-head.

“We live in a very distracted world, one so ingrained in technology that it has become a challenge to build healthy habits,” Sarad explains when asked about what inspired StretchYo. By providing in-app features that can help its users focus on productivity, Stretch Yo is able to solve the issues caused by technology by battling it at its home court. “The features I want to provide in my app are those that help people challenge their existing habits in order for them to be able to make conscious choices to pursue hobbies that they actually want to do.”

With the vision to become the number one app for personal development, Stretch Yo comes with multiple features that help you get laser-focused on your action plans. One of them is the To-Do list feature, which allows simple goal-setting and comes complete with timely and reliable reminders for following through. “App users can add up to three or more items in their to-do list in order to set their objectives for the day in a more clear and intentional manner,” Sarad explains.

Apart from teaching you how to prioritize tasks with the To-Do list, Stretch Yo also emphasizes the importance of focus when it comes to getting things done. “We’ve added in a Pomodoro feature, which helps in getting people to really focus on the tasks they have at hand,” Sarad states. The app’s Pomodoro feature ensures a 25-minute undisrupted workflow for its users, protecting them against distractions and procrastination. Sarad adds, “Aside from making sure the app users are able to build up their focus, our Pomodoro feature also promotes taking short 5-minute breaks in between work.”

Since he acknowledges that taking breaks is just as important when it comes to working as doing the actual work, Sarad mentioned another feature being in the works for StretchYo. “I’m looking to add in a feature that will encourage deep relaxation,” he said. With the plan to add relaxation music into the app, Sarad hopes to add an aspect that allows people to recharge in a matter of minutes. “Studies show that people get better quality rest with the help of binaural music, so I’m looking into that.” 

Sarad also excitedly announced a significant enhancement to their app: the addition of a breathing timer with a diverse range of breathing modalities including wim whof breathing exercises. This new feature aims to assist users in overcoming anxiety and attaining a state of equanimity. It is a significant stride towards achieving the broader mission of the app, which is not solely focused on enhancing productivity but also on advancing wellness and mental well-being. The breathing timer and relaxation exercises align seamlessly with the app’s dedication to improving the holistic health of its users.

Moreover, Sarad mentions that their team is actively working on incorporating AI, recommendation engines and community features. These elements are strategically designed to meet users at their current stage of habit development and foster a sense of togetherness among like-minded individuals. The integration of AI will personalize the app experience, making it more effective for each user. On the other hand, the community features will allow users to connect, share insights, and support one another on their journey toward improved productivity and well-being. By making this journey a collective effort, the app is not just a tool but a platform for positive change in people’s lives.

Sarad’s approach to personal development is a well-rounded and multi-pronged attack that involves better prioritization, building up proper focus, and getting the right amount of rest required for optimal performance. “All these features have been in the works for quite some time now,” he says.

Sarad has been working on ironing out last-minute creases and corners for the past year to bring Stretch Yo users the best personal development and productivity-boosting app one could ever use. “After all, our aim is to force people to stretch out of their comfort zones and create healthier habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle,” Sarad explains.

In a world where digital distractions are on the rise and productivity seems to be in a constant battle with technology, Sarad Dhungel’s Stretch Yo emerges as a beacon of hope and practicality. This innovative app acknowledges the challenges posed by our tech-driven lives and responds with a powerful solution. Stretch Yo doesn’t just aim to boost productivity but aspires to elevate personal development and overall well-being. 

To learn more about StretchYo, visit the official website.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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