April 21, 2024
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The Amazing Career And Business Journey Of Michael Ciminella

In this article, you will learn about the fantastic career and business journey of Michael Ciminella, ex-Husband of Naomi Judd. Michael talks about how he became a personal trainer and what his success has ultimately led to.

Ciminella, who was married to Naomi Judd, is thriving and inspirational.

Michael Ciminella was married to Naomi Judd for ten years. Judd is an accomplished actress and singer with a career that spans more than four decades.

Ciminella is also a successful entrepreneur. He has his own business, which he started in 2006. His company provides web design and development services.

In addition to his business, Ciminella is also an inspirational speaker. He has given talks on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and self-esteem.

Michael has a fascinating life story with many twists and turns.

Michael Ciminella is Naomi Judd’s former husband and the father of her two children. He has a fascinating life story with many twists and turns. Born in 1953, Michael grew up in a large family in the Bronx, New York. His father was a construction worker, and his mother was a housewife. Michael started working as a paperboy for the New York Daily News at age ten. He became a delivery boy for Good Humor ice cream before starting his own trucking business. In 1979, Michael met Naomi Judd while she was performing at the Broadway show “The Wiz”. The two married in 1980 and had their first child, Spencer, in 1981. They divorced in 1987 after 13 years of marriage.

After divorcing Naomi Judd, Michael moved to Los Angeles to start his music career. He released several albums and toured throughout the US and Canada before landing a role on the soap opera “General Hospital”. In 1995, he starred in the movie “Johnny Mnemonic” alongside Keanu Reeves and Dina Meyer. In 1997, he married actress Loni Anderson (who also starred in “General Hospital”), and they had one son together named Max. The couple divorced three years later after having another son, Lincoln.

In 2001, Michael married actress Rebecca Romijn (formerly of “The X-Files”), and they have four children together: Elijah Joseph (born 2002), Harper Grace (born 2005), Haven James (born 2009), and Hay.

Michael is focused on the success of his business ventures.

Michael Ciminella is a successful businessman who has experienced great success in his personal and business ventures. After being married to Naomi Judd for six years, the two divorced in 2001. Since then, Michael has continued to pursue his success and has been able to build a successful career and business empire on his own merits.

Michael began his career as an attorney, but he eventually decided that he wanted to venture into another field of business. He founded MCA Music Group, an independent music label later acquired by Universal Music Group. MCA Music Group is now one of the most prominent music labels in the world, and Michael has played a significant role in its success.

Michael also owns several other businesses, including TV Land, a cable network that focuses on comedy programming, and SKYLAB, a live streaming service that offers exclusive content from significant concerts worldwide. Michael’s achievements in both his professional and personal life are a testament to the hard work and determination he puts into everything he does.

Details about Michael’s personal life

Michael Ciminella was married to Naomi Judd. They had two children, a son named Cameron and a daughter named Beau. Judd filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” After their divorce, Ciminella started a successful career as a singer and actor. He has since released five albums, starred in several television shows and movies, and currently appears on Broadway in the musical “The Color Purple”.

Ciminella was born on October 17, 1954, in Queens, New York. He attended the University of Miami, where he studied theatre arts. Ciminella began his professional career as an actor in 1982 with a role on the soap opera “Another World”. In 1985, he met Naomi Judd while she was filming the TV show “Moonlighting” in Miami. They married six months later and had two children together. The couple divorced in 1990 after reportedly having irreconcilable differences.

Since his divorce from Judd, Ciminella has enjoyed a successful music career. He has released five albums: “Coming Home”, “Foolish Heart”, “Duets”, “Memories…and Dreams…” and “The Color Purple”. His first album reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart and spawned four hit singles: “Believe,” “In These Arms,” “(You’re My) Sunshine”, and “I Believe In You.” He has also starred in several television.

The Success of Michael Ciminella Business Ventures

Michael Ciminella is a successful businessman and music industry veteran. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Naomi Judd, Kenny Rogers, and Toni Braxton. This article will explore his journey from musician to businessman and how his experiences have helped him succeed.

He spent many years honing his skills before making a name for himself in the music industry. He first worked with Naomi Judd in 1984 and collaborated on several albums. They divorced in 1988 but continued to work together professionally until Judd’s death.

Ciminella also scored big hits with Kenny Rogers and Toni Braxton. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music, and his experience has helped him succeed as a businessman. After working for so long in the music industry, Ciminella decided to venture out and start his business ventures.

He founded MCA Records, and it became one of the leading independent record labels during that period. The label released albums by artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Ray Charles, Kool & The Gang, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, Meat Loaf, Joe Cocker and many more. MCA Records later sold to PolyGram Entertainment Group, but Ciminelli retained


Michael Ciminella has had a fantastic career and business journey. Starting as Naomi Judd’s ex-husband, he has worked his way up to being a successful music producer and songwriter. He has also written several books, including his most recent release, “The Music Business Bible.” In this book, Ciminella provides insights and advice on the music industry that will be of great value to anyone pursuing a career in music. If you’re interested in learning more about Michael’s story or pursuing a career in music production or songwriting, I recommend checking out his website and reading one of his books.

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