July 21, 2024
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The Artist Connect App Creates a Safe Space That Supports Musicians in Their Mental Health and Career

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in one of the most difficult eras in history as several industries suffered. Apart from the economic struggles, many in the entertainment industry found themselves in a rut with productions closed down and tours canceled. While musicians have finally found the opportunity to work on new projects, the free time came with a catch—many were burning themselves out mentally and creatively.

The struggle to catch a break prompted KingSage to come up with a solution that not only helped established artists deal with their mental health but also gave opportunities for the up-and-coming names to grow. He created the Artist Connect App as a platform for artists everywhere, giving creatives a safe space for their careers.

The Artist Connect App was conceptualized during a Zoom call, where they discussed the stigma of artists not hustling enough. The stigma caused people to work tirelessly, never finding the time to catch a break, destress, or confront internal issues. While the pandemic provided more time for artists to stop and resolve their issues, many still felt they would lose the money race. 

“Creatives should first know it’s not only okay to pause the hustle and work on themselves, it’s necessary and actually leads to greater success in the long run,” said the app founder. “By hearing other successful creatives confirm that with their own stories and ways they’ve addressed their mental health, it will help unlock the confidence needed to stay mentally and creatively free.”

The Artist Connect App shows how successful creatives are open to talking about their struggles and how they deal with them. Recently, the app had a Zoom call about mental health with DJ E Dubble from Jam 94.5 in Boston.

DJ E Dubble is renowned for his talent, success, and down-to-earth demeanor. He joined the call and opened the door for creatives to hear about his issues and how he dealt with them. DJ E Dubble was a perfect choice to discuss the topic of mental health for creatives and brought a level of honesty that the app team wanted to show. The Artist Connect app’s Zoom call with DJ E Dubble also had a few viewers who chimed in with their stories and shared what they did to help stay mentally and creatively free.

The call with DJ E Dubble is only the start, as The Artist Connect App plans to have other notable creatives join them and talk about how they handled their issues and stayed strong.

“We’re a company dedicated to empowering creatives, not only business-wise with our app, but also personally by catering to their mental health,” the team behind it said.

The Artist Connect app has a few sponsored events at the AC3 festival in Atlanta, which will be coming up in a few weeks. The team also has some updates for the app, making it easier for creatives to connect.

“We’re going to be there every step of the way for our users and the creative community,” said the Artist Connect app team.

The team’s mission is only just beginning, and they plan on becoming the most prominent app to help artists reach their goals and take the next step.

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