April 21, 2024
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The Epitome of a Boss Lady: Why Sharon “Champagne” Terry is One to Watch

Proudly calling herself a renaissance woman, Sharon Terry, better known as Champagne, is the true epitome of a modern, sophisticated, and driven boss lady. Despite engaging in various ventures, from fashion to publishing, Champagne ensures that she achieves nothing but excellence. Recently, she reached another milestone as the creative genius behind the TV pilot of The Goddess, airing in the fall on the MJOWN Network on Roku.

Champagne is currently based in the United States. Tracing her roots to Rochester, New York, the author, screenwriter, actress, motivational speaker, executive producer, entrepreneur, and the model reflects the image of the American hustle. She has worked with prominent personalities such as Seleah Simone and Nikki Rich. Champagne stops at nothing to land every opportunity she stumbles upon and allows her creativity and unique personality to fuel whatever is in front of her.

The author recently released an urban fiction novel entitled The Goddess of Lust, Love & Infatuation Part 1. Champagne is also the author of Blissful Lust Part 2 and two anthologies entitled Dark Memories and The Crossover. As one of the best storytellers of her time, Champagne has gained various accolades. She has been nominated twice as Author of the Year in Roc Awards, Top Female Author of 2019, and has been recognized by the Author Academy Awards.

With her thriving career as an author, Champagne eventually opened her own publishing company known as Champagne Books LLC, allowing her to help other aspiring authors bring their creations to life. Additionally, the entrepreneur offers screenwriting classes through her company and the Coach John Screenwriting Academy. 

Champagne is celebrated in the entertainment industry, not only for her impeccable writing talent but also for her commendable acting. She has landed the role of Vanessa in a comedy by Unc Trent called I’ll Drink To That. The actress has also captivated nationwide audiences when she starred in the film Living the Dream and the web series entitled In Between Jobs. As a writer, Champagne knows how to properly bring life to her characters and give them justice. Her background as an author provides her with a competitive edge, knowing how each role contributes to the weaving of the story in its entirety.

Furthermore, Champagne has graced the runways of the world-renowned New York Fashion Week. She has represented high-profile brands as a plus-size model in various shows, including The Night of Elegance and The Summit. She has also showcased her talent as a print model. Champagne is currently signed with Hass Entertainment. 

Additionally, Champagne is a sought-after motivational speaker. As a woman who has accomplished many things that most people can only dream of reaching in a lifetime, her talent and work ethic inspires others to pursue great heights. Through motivational speaking, Champagne seeks to leave a lasting legacy and make an impact on people from all walks of life. She has also shared her career and personal insights through radio interviews on The DJ Gatsby Show, The Beautiful Butterfly Radio Program, Vibration Radio, Good Deeds Radio, On the Rise Radio, The Authors Show, African Online Broadcasting, Big Body Broadcasting, The Situation Room, WXIR 100.9, HOT914, and TPN Live.

To learn more about Champagne, visit her website.

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