April 25, 2024
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Trailblazing Entrepreneur Carmen Johnson Empowers Young Girls to Achieve Excellence Through “The Swanky SPA Bus”

Over the years, the entrepreneurial space has witnessed a paradigm shift as more people brimming with ideas and innovation continue to rise to the occasion, proving that age is no limitation for success. One individual relentlessly pursuing her passion, Carmen Johnson, the creator of “The Swanky SPA Bus,” is proof that achieving success is not a function of age but rather a result of hard work, determination, and a goal-oriented focus to make a difference. 

Carmen Johnson is a retired school teacher certified in Georgia with over two decades of experience imparting knowledge to students from different backgrounds. After retirement, Carmen wanted to continue educating and inspiring young children, especially girls, to follow their dreams and reach beyond the stars. To do this, she modeled a unique niche business of providing in-home spa services to girls in a fun and exhilarating way that rolled education, partying, and spa services all into one and the business were aptly named  “The Swanky SPA Bus,” formerly called “Pamper Us Pretty Spa for Girls.”

As a girls’ mobile spa company specializing in birthday parties, princess parties, posh sweet 16 parties, tea parties, themed characters, candy buffets, and dessert tables, the Swanky Spa Bus aims to empower girls aged 3-16 to be confident, smart and beautiful. The all-girls parties feature a pink, sparkly 32- foot Mobile Star Party Bus that brings the party to the customer’s home. Additionally, all party packages are customizable and offer various makeovers that include manicures, pedicures, unicorn-themed parties and many more options. 

At The Swanky Spa Bus, the business model is like three fun parties rolled into one fun-tastic party. The first part is the partying stage with a maximum of ten girls, which includes 3.5 hours of partying on the bus with an exclusive purple carpet runway with the birthday girl’s name on display. Next is the spa, which features a mini mani and pedi with sugar scrub soak complete with cucumber facials. Finally, the fun process finishes with an interactive lip gloss lab workshop that blends learning, fun and creativity. At the lab, each guest gets to make and take home their own custom lip gloss and enjoy a fun-filled STEM / STEAM experience of adventure, discovery, and creativity. The lab party is divided into fun-themed selections such as Sweet Treats Lip Gloss Lab Party, Glam Diva Lip Gloss Lab Party, and the Glam Mermaid Lip Gloss Lab Party.

“Our mission is to build a generation of confident girls, thus enabling them to thrive in society. We celebrate education and entertainment while providing a fun-filled environment. We promote self-esteem, positive body image and personal development. We incorporate (S.T.E.M.) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math integrated our spa parties,” Carmen shared.

After successfully launching a one-of-a-kind trendy franchise in the luxury service industry, Carmen Johnson wanted to help other entrepreneurs recreate the same successful experience for special events in their cities. So she launched The Swanky SPA. Bus mentorship training program for party and event planners, parents, P.T.A.s, and club leaders in search of something different. During the mentorship program, The Swanky SPA Bus unique business plan will be revealed to help entrepreneurs model their businesses after it to record the same successful experience.

“Our course includes all the essentials to start and grow your own mobile spa business. You will be provided information and tools to run the day-to-day operations, attract the target market and grow profits,” she said.

To make the mentorship program and The Swanky Spa business model accessible to all women globally, Carmen Johnson wrote the first-ever “How to Start Your Own Spa Party Bus Business For Girls” featured on Amazon. In the coming years, Carmen Johson wants to empower young girls aged 3-16 with The Swanky Spa Bus while training over 1,000 mentees globally and growing the franchise side of the business.

To learn more about the founder, Carmen Johnson and The Swanky SPA  Bus, visit the company’s website.

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