April 21, 2024
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Why Manisha Prataphsinh Founded a Bus Company

Why Manisha Prataphsinh Founded a Bus Company
Photo courtesy: Adasat Barroso

By: Silvia Garcia, entertainment and luxury writer

Everyone has different motivations for why they do things. Most catalysts are often personal or financial, a frequent occurrence among people who start their own businesses. Yet, there are instances when some people embrace entrepreneurship to achieve goals more significant than themselves.

One prime example of this kind of individual who looks at the bigger picture is Manisha Pratapsinh. Originally from Mozambique, Manisha moved to Portugal from Mozambique and France before settling down in Madrid, Spain.

Yet before she moved to Europe, Manisha witnessed firsthand how Mozambique’s transport industry wasn’t providing enough services for the public. Her specialization in civil construction machinery required her to transport equipment to and from different locations, which she met with difficulty because of the lack of services in Mozambique.

Clearly, Manisha couldn’t just let this continue as it is. With her knack for determining what her fellow Mozambicans need and want to lead better lives, she was on a mission to provide a private transport service to bring them to places they need to go.

“It was a way to meet the needs of people in rural areas regarding their jobs. The idea originated through a phone call between my partners and me (stemming from the lack of provision of these services),” the Madrid-based entrepreneur shared.

She added that transitioning from civil construction to transportation wasn’t as difficult as it seemed because she saw firsthand which areas she needed to focus on to ensure her bus company’s success. But some preparation can go a long way.

Like other well-prepared entrepreneurs who ventured into something new with passion, Manisha did her homework for her bus company. She studied the market and identified areas in Mozambique that demanded the service most, ensuring that people get to their jobs or other locations seamlessly and faster.

Yet her company goes beyond providing the daily transport service. Manisha also saw an opportunity for her business to help her fellow Mozambicans further–by equipping them with a livelihood.

“All my employees are from my country, as the unemployment rate in Mozambique is 25 percent, and my goal is to help the community,” she proudly said.

Her story is a harbinger of change and development, proving that women can dominate in what’s often considered as male-driven industries.

Still, Manisha wasn’t completely exempted from gender-based prejudice. But she found a way to power through discrimination and become an example for women across the globe.

“For a long time, I hid my business side out of fear of what people might say and judge me since it’s an area dominated by men. Until circumstances in life led me to strong women who encouraged me to talk more about Manisha, the businesswoman,” she said.

Manisha is a firm believer that women are capable of reaching their goals, whatever they may be. Although society has become more accepting of breaking gender barriers, there are still some ways to go, so she advises strong women like her to continue fighting for a place in society.

Manisha Pratapsinh’s journey to founding a bus company is rooted in a profound sense of responsibility towards her homeland, Mozambique. Having traversed various countries before settling in Spain, Manisha couldn’t ignore the glaring inadequacies in Mozambique’s transportation infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. Her firsthand experiences navigating the challenges of transporting civil construction machinery underscored the pressing need for reliable transport services. Determined to bridge this gap, Manisha embarked on a mission to establish a private transport service that would cater to the essential needs of her fellow Mozambicans. Collaborating with her partners, she recognized the transformative potential of providing accessible transportation solutions to uplift communities and facilitate economic opportunities.

Transitioning from civil construction to transportation posed its challenges, but Manisha’s meticulous preparation and unwavering dedication fortified her entrepreneurial endeavor. Conducting thorough market research, she strategically identified areas with the highest demand for transportation services, ensuring efficient connectivity for individuals to access employment and essential amenities. However, Manisha’s vision extended beyond mere transportation logistics; she envisioned her company as a catalyst for socio-economic empowerment. By prioritizing the employment of local Mozambicans, particularly amid a staggering unemployment rate, she aimed to cultivate a sense of community and solidarity while fostering economic resilience.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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