Why friendship makes us healthier

It is commonly known that romantic connections can benefit your health and even help you live longer. But does friendship provide the same advantages? When it comes to his pals, Benny Shakes must limit his intensity. “I’m constantly canceling pal dates,” he admits. He is




Is Yellowstone nearing its end?

The Roy clan’s last season got a lot of praise from critics, but millions of fans may soon miss Yellowstone more. So why might it be ending? An old

R. Kelly

R. Kelly appeals court conviction

Kelly was found guilty of federal crimes in Brooklyn, New York, last year and sentenced to 30 years in prison. TMZ and documents seen by Pitchfork confirm that R.



Is it impossible to end burnout?

… As layoffs happen, teams get smaller, and with fewer resources, burnout becomes prevalent as the people still there have to do more