April 25, 2024
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Atlanta Businesswoman and Pastor Elevates Storytelling through Music: A Tribute to Antia Baker

Atlanta Businesswoman and Pastor Elevates Storytelling through Music: A Tribute to Antia Baker
Photo Credit: Dr. Alonia Parks

By: Lennard James  

Amidst life’s many challenges, Dr. Alonia Parks, a distinguished journalist, eloquent speaker, spiritual leader, and accomplished PR expert fondly known as “The Exceptional Communicator,” is rekindling her passion for music. This shift marks a significant elevation in her storytelling journey. Following the success of her September concert “SONGS IN THE KEY OF A,” she is now gearing up to star in “A NIGHT OF LOVE: THE ANITA BAKER TRIBUTE.” This much-anticipated event, promising an enchanting Valentine’s dinner, dance, and date experience, is scheduled for February 16, 2024, at 7:00 PM at The Legendary Ford Hall in Hapeville, Georgia. The event also celebrates love and Black History, with proceeds aiding the Spectrum Autism Support Group – a vital resource for families and individuals navigating Autism. 

Music, for Dr. Parks, The Silky Songstress, as she is artistically known, has been a lifelong companion. “Singing has been part of my essence since childhood. Yet, two major events altered my path. In college, balancing Jazz singing with my spiritual conviction was challenging. 

Then, embracing my calling to preach in 1999 meant stepping away from the choir,” she recalls with a smile. “Nevertheless, my voice remained a congregation favorite, especially for leading ‘Order My Steps.’ 

Dr. Parks’ admiration for Anita Baker, a Grammy Award-winning icon, made her the natural choice for this tribute. “Anita Baker has been a significant musical influence for me. Emulating her style has been a blend of surprise and nostalgia,” she says. While her close circle was well aware of her vocal prowess, many colleagues were taken aback. Dr. Parks’ career as a journalist and a feature writer for Who’s Who in Black Atlanta and People You Need to Know Business Guide, along with her roles as ghostwriter for Shelley “Butch” Anthony III’s autobiography, has been commendable. As the pastor of Dream to Destiny Ministries and head of Dream to Destiny Enterprises, her foray into music is an extension of her expressive capabilities. 

Regarding potential concerns about her dual roles in music and ministry, Dr. Parks is undeterred. “Music transcends barriers and speaks to everyone in unique ways. It’s not just an art form; it is a tool for connection and transformation. I remain committed to my mission of spreading love, joy, and peace through every available channel,” she affirms.  

The event, blending a celebration of love, music, and community support, is a testament to Dr. Parks’ belief in the power of music to unite and uplift. For more information about Dr. Alonia Parks, The Silky Songstress, and her upcoming event, visit Join us for a night of celebration, supporting a noble cause while honoring the legacy of Black music and history.

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