Bellareed: A Georgia-based Pool Company That’s Disrupting the Industry

Temperatures have been reaching record highs this summer, especially in the Southern US. Many dream of having a luxury pool in their backyard to dip into and escape the brutal summer swelter. 

Bellareed is helping people cool off and disrupting the luxury pool industry at the same time. Their offerings help customers create the ultimate backyard oasis using the highest quality materials, all while keeping to the highest standards in the industry.

Crystal Clear Vision

Eddie K., Bellareed’s founder and CEO, has owned multiple businesses throughout his career. He approaches Bellareed much like his other ventures — seeking to provide the most reliable service to his clients. Now, has jumped feet-first into the pool business, looking to make quite the splash. 

When the pandemic sent people back into their homes for extended periods of time, the demand for pool installations rose considerably. People realized that they could make their homes a place they wanted to be outside, providing a much-needed break amid stressful times. The increased demand spurred Eddie into action.

“I recognized there is a great demand in revolutionizing this industry that seemed to have stood still for the last 50 years,” Eddie asserts. “The demand for in-ground pools has risen exponentially while the supply chain remained the same.”

With demand for luxury pools showing no signs of slowing, that surge is something that Eddie and Bellareed have prepared well for. Each build the company provides comes not only with state-of-the-art luxury pool design, but can be provided much more quickly than the competition.

“We’ve got the options and the in-house specialty team to make your dream pool your reality pool faster than you may think,” Eddie says. “We complete most of our projects in 12 weeks or less.”

A Place for Luxury 

People install in-ground pools for a variety of reasons. In places with oppressively hot summers, such as Georgia and Florida, you will find more homeowners installing pools almost purely out of necessity. People are also working from home more now than ever before. This increase in remote working arrangements has spurred more people to make their homes their own private oasis, providing respite from their home office right in their backyard. 

Bellareed has exclusive partnerships with suppliers of some of the best materials for luxury pool builds, including PebbelTec, a pool finishing made from aggregate materials that feel like pebbles underfoot. 

“Little is certain in the world, but there is one thing that’s sure to snap you out of a luxury pool experience, and that’s the way your pool surface feels,” says Eddie. “It’s a subtle thing that really makes a difference when it comes to what actually makes a pool a luxury pool.”

Other amenities such as fire pits, decorative concrete, waterfalls, tanning ledges, and heated spas contribute to the elevated, luxury feel of Bellareed pools. All of these available features helps to further sets them apart from the competition.

“I realized that accepting the status quo is not an option,” Eddie adds, “and that there was a better way of getting customers the pool of their dreams.” 

A Multifaceted Team

An in-house team handles every step in the Bellareed pool build process. This all-in-one approach helps make the build process faster and gives clients access to a design team to help them take their dreams to reality. 

“We specialize in fulfilling your wishlist and may even suggest a few things you didn’t even know about,” says Eddie. 

As Eddie explains, it all speaks to the luxury experience of owning a custom pool. The team at Bellareed knows that building a luxury pool oasis is a multifaceted experience that requires people with skills in construction and design, engineering, real estate, and customer service. 

Bellareed disrupts the industry by combining all these specialties under one roof, offering each customer with a boutique pool-building experience customized to their wants and needs. This allows Bellareed to control every step of the process, from the initial idea to the first time a client dips their toe into their new pool.

Eddie has set out to make Bellareed a Fortune 500 company in the next five years — a lofty goal, but one he is optimistic will be achieved. “Our sights are set on becoming the largest in the nation, serving every major metropolitan area in the country,” he says. By bringing a new vision to an old industry, Bellareed is set to continue its disruptive streak and continue blazing the path to changing the face of luxury recreation.