Truth Coach Randy on His Journey of Empowering Others


The most important recipe for growth is living in truth and finding oneself. Known for their entrepreneurial drive, power couple Randy and Demi Howell are, in addition to their entrepreneurial exploits, helping individuals and young people discover their purpose, living their truth and being authentic to themselves. Truth Coach Randy is a brainchild of the couple, and his impact in recent times cannot be ignored. 

As Coach Randy posits, truth coaching can be a way of life. And for him, he earthed many of the answers he was looking for through this personal journey, which landed him in a place where he felt equipped to help others find their Truth and live it according to what matters. As a coach, his mission is to help others pilot their affairs and attain a state of living in true authenticity and, more importantly, living their personal Truth by detaching from illusions embedded in their minds. “When one lives in truth, all other areas of life will fall into place.”

Today, Coach Randy is the founder of Truth Youniversity, an initiative he founded with the support of his partner, Demi Howell, to reach out to as many people as possible to help them take control of their lives and overcome the challenges that seem to be holding them back. 

According to Coach Randy, every human is facing or will face adversity at one point in life, and these adversities, if not taken care of, will prevent one from achieving their deserving life and success. Hence, the Truth Coach Randy explores what lies beneath the surface by using his instinct of understanding how people think, feel, behave in times of difficulty and identify which actions need to be taken for resolution, which most of the time could be behavioral change or finding new sources (or both). 

For Coach Randy, the best thing about Truth Coaching is seeing clients fully sort out their issues and be ready to take on the world. This is made possible thanks to a unique strategy designed by Randy for the benefits of Truth Coaching students, the SIMS Approach — Story, Implementation, Manifestation Process, and Show and Tell. 

The SIMS Approach is proven to bring clarity, direction, and positive support for their clients. Randy help clients live their best lives by filling the gap between where they are now and where they want to be by evaluating their stories from their perspective. By identifying where change is needed with the story, goals and objectives can be set. With accountability as a priority, clients will reach their highest goals and dreams through the process.  

The SIMS Approach is a method that can be applied to any situation, and according to Coach Randy, people may never realize how much impact they have on others from their journey. “There is nothing like witnessing an individual shed the baggage and put on a new way that truly makes him or her feel better about the situation and life.” Although he admits that even as productive as the SIMS Approach has proven to be, there is no guarantee that it’s always going to be easy, simply because situations and individuals are not the same, but if every situation is handled with openness and honesty, on both sides of the Coach and client, there is no limit to how far they will go. 

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